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Booking Conditions

These Booking Conditions, together with our privacy policy, website terms of use and any other written information we brought to your attention before we confirmed your booking, apply to your booking with Bargain Travel Bureau Limited, t/a 'Redseven' or 'Red7' (company registration number 01713965), whose registered office is at Maria House, 35 Millers Road, Brighton BN1 5NP ("RedSeven", "Red7", "we", "our" or "us"). Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. In these Booking Conditions references to 'you' and 'your' include the first named person on the booking and all persons on whose behalf a booking is made or any other person to whom a booking is added or transferred. 

For all arrangements, your contract will be with the supplier of the arrangements in question (the 'Supplier Principal(s)').When making your booking we will arrange for you to enter into a contract with the applicable Supplier Principal(s) of the arrangements. Your booking with us is subject to these Booking Conditions and the specific booking conditions of the relevant Supplier Principal(s) you contract with and you are advised to read both carefully prior to booking. The Supplier Principal(s)' terms and conditions may limit and/or exclude their liability to you.  Copies of applicable conditions are available on request from us.

Except where otherwise specified, we act only as an agent in respect of all bookings we take and/or make on your behalf. We accept no liability in relation to any contract you enter into or for any services or arrangements you purchase ("arrangements") or for the acts or omissions of any Supplier Principal(s) or other person(s) or party(ies) connected with any arrangements.

You may decide to make one or more bookings with us at the same time. The price charged in total for more than one booking will always equal the prices charged separately for each individual booking. All arrangements are available to be purchased separately at the same price as they are when more than one booking is made. This means that any multiple bookings do not constitute a package as defined in the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 or the Civil Aviation (Air Travel Organisers' Licensing) Regulations 2012.

By making a booking the first named person on the booking agrees on behalf of all persons detailed on the booking that:-

a. you have read the terms and conditions set out above and below and agree to be bound by them;

b. you consent to our use of your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy; and

c. you are over 18 years of age and resident in the United Kingdom and where placing an order for services with age restrictions you declare that you and all members of your party are of the appropriate age to purchase those services.

1. Booking and payment

All bookings are made and accepted as a group booking and the person placing the booking who takes responsibility for the reservation is the "Group Leader". When you make a booking the Group Leader guarantees that they have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of their group these booking conditions. The Group Leader is required to complete our online Booking Form within 48 hours of first placing a booking with us by telephone. Your booking will not be confirmed until we have received a completed online Booking Form in accordance with these Booking Conditions.

Once your telephone booking has been made, you will be provided with login and password details for you to access your booking details via our website through the 'Manage my Booking' page. You agree to keep confidential and only disclose the login and password details as necessary to those individuals included in the group booking for the purposes of entering their details. You, as Group Leader, are then required to enter details for each member of the group on to your 'Manage my Booking' page, which will trigger an email invitation being sent to all those members of the group, together with a link to the website and login details for individuals to confirm whether they will be included as part of the group.

If a proposed member of the group receives an invitation and wishes to decline the invitation, then their details are removed from our database automatically. For those members who confirm that they wish to participate in the activity/experience/holiday, their details shall be collected, stored and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Members of the group have 14 days from the date the booking is first made by the Group Leader to confirm their attendance and to pay their non-refundable deposit, as required by the Supplier Principal(s) of the arrangements in question, or make relevant payments as set out under these Booking Conditions ("Confirmation Date"). Individuals can made individual payments for their part of the booking to proceed. You confirm by entering the details of those individuals within the group that you (as Group Leader) have all the necessary consents from those individuals in the group to enter their details on the online Booking Form for the purposes of creating a booking to be confirmed by us following submission of the online Booking Form on our website.

Once we have checked that the booking has been made in accordance with these Booking Conditions, your booking will be confirmed and a contract between you and the Supplier Principal(s) will exist. We will send confirmation of the completed booking to you, on behalf of the Supplier Principal(s), by posting confirmation on your 'Manage my Booking' page. You will be required to check this page as neither we nor the Supplier Principal(s) send out any confirmations by post, email or telephone. The booking will only be confirmed for those members of the group who have completed the booking process by the Confirmation Date and the confirmed booking shall be for that minimum group size. If members of the group have not completed the booking process by the Confirmation Date then they shall not be included as part of the group booking.

Important note: The price quoted to you at the telephone booking stage is an overall price for the group based on the number of passengers stated at the time. If at the Confirmation Date the size of your group is smaller than originally stated we will do our best to reduce the price accordingly, however due to group discounts, room supplements and minimum number supplements that may be applicable to your bookings with the Supplier Principal(s) any reduction may not be equivalent to the per person price of non-attendees. As Group Leader it is your responsibility to ensure your group is aware of this before confirming their attendance.  

Please check your confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to us immediately. Please ensure that names are exactly as stated in the relevant passport. As we act only as booking agent, we have no responsibility for any errors in any documentation except where an error is made by us.

This confirmation will also contain all the information you require to check in to your flights online, where available. Where online check in is available, it is your responsibility to ensure your group has completed online check in and has their boarding card prior to arrival at the airport. Anyone who has not done so may be charged a check in fee by the airline.

If you have paid a deposit, you must pay the full balance by the balance due date notified to you; this will usually be 6 weeks prior to the commencement of your arrangements; but if the Supplier Principal(s) of your particular arrangements apply different payment terms, we will advise you at the time of booking.

We are not responsible to track or account for specific individual's payments, as the booking is one group booking. The Group Leader shall be responsible for making sure that all members of the group pay the required amounts by the due date and we recommend that the Group Leader utilises the online system "MyRedseven" to keep track of individual payments to ensure that all payments are made by the due dates.

If full payment is not received by the balance due date, we will notify the Supplier Principal(s) who may cancel your booking and charge the cancellation fees set out in their booking conditions.

Except where otherwise advised or stated in the booking conditions of the Supplier Principal(s) concerned, all monies you pay to us for arrangements will be held on behalf of the Supplier Principal(s) concerned.

Payments are accepted by credit or debit card, and you will receive an e-receipt for payments to the email address provided by the individual who has made a payment towards their deposit and/or balance due and who has provided their email address in their individual booking details in the online booking section for their relevant group). We do not accept cheques. To ensure we maintain an excellent service and great value, we must pass on the related charges incurred for all credit and debit card payments, set at 2.00% per transaction. These charges are non-refundable. This will be added to the cost of your booking and confirmed at the time of booking.

2. Prices and Accuracy

Changes and errors sometimes occur and we, on behalf of the Supplier Principal(s), reserve the right to amend advertised prices at any time or correct errors in confirmed prices where necessary. Information and prices shown on our website may have changed by the time you come to book your arrangements.

Special note: changes and errors sometimes occur. You must check the price of your chosen arrangements at the time of booking.

4. Insurance

You are strongly recommended to take out personal travel insurance for all members of your party. Some Supplier Principal(s) require that you do so. Travel insurance is not included in the price of your booking. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance you purchase is adequate and appropriate for your particular needs. Please read your policy details on receipt and take them with you on holiday.

Some of the activities offered by our suppliers are not without risks and participation is entirely at your own discretion, so please satisfy yourself you are adequately fit and able before participating. All participants must wear safety clothing or equipment such as may be required by any Supplier of any activity undertaken by you. You must follow the instructions given to you by the relevant Supplier at all times.

5. Special requests

If you have any special requests (for example dietary requirements, cots or room location), please let us know at the time of booking. We will pass on all such requests to the Supplier Principal(s), but we can't guarantee that they will be met and we will have no liability to you if they are not.

6. Changes and Cancellations by you

Any cancellation or amendment request must be sent to us by the Group Leader in writing and will take effect on the day we receive it. Once received, we will pass on your request to the Supplier Principal(s), who will then confirm whether or not it is possible to meet your request. Please ensure that you have received written confirmation of any changes to your booking prior to travel. Whilst we will try to assist, we cannot guarantee that such requests will be met. Amendments and cancellations can only be accepted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Supplier Principal(s) of your arrangements.

Please note that if your group size changes due to cancellations then the overall price of your arrangements may vary, and the price per person may increase accordingly. (see the note in clause 1)

The Supplier Principal(s) may charge the cancellation or amendment charges shown in their booking conditions (which may be as much as 100% of the cost of the travel arrangements and will normally increase closer to the date of departure). We will levy these charges on behalf of the Supplier Principal(s) and, in addition, you must pay us an administration fee of £50.00 per person. You will be notified of the exact charges at the time of amendment or cancellation. Please be aware that any booking fees, card fees and instalment fees you have paid are non-refundable.

Most scheduled airlines do not allow changes, and therefore full cancellation charges will usually apply. Most 'no frills' airlines have cancellation charges of 100% from time of booking.

Any requests to add additional members to the group will require the Group Leader to complete another online Booking Form with the requested additional group member's details and payment. A confirmation will be sent out to that requested additional group member, and must agree to follow all the procedures for payment of relevant monies and adhere to these Booking Conditions.

7. Changes and Cancellations by the Supplier Principal(s)

We will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if the Supplier Principal(s) needs to make a significant change to your confirmed arrangements or to cancel them. We will also liaise between you and the Supplier Principal(s) in relation to any alternative arrangements offered by the Supplier Principal(s) but we will have no further liability to you.

8. Our responsibility for your booking

Your contract is with the Supplier Principal(s) and their booking conditions apply. As agent, we accept no responsibility for the actual provision of the arrangements. Our responsibilities are limited to making the booking in accordance with your instructions. We accept no responsibility for any information about the arrangements that we pass on to you in good faith. However, in the event that we are found liable to you on any basis whatsoever, our maximum liability to you is limited to twice the cost of the commission we earn on your booking (or the appropriate proportion of this if not everyone on the booking is affected).

We do not exclude or limit any liability for death or personal injury that arises as a result of our negligence or that of any of our employees whilst acting in the course of their employment.

9. Visa, passport and health requirements

Unless you tell us otherwise, we are entitled to assume that all members of your party are British citizens who hold or will hold full British passports valid for the entire duration of the arrangements you chose to purchase. Information on visa, passport and health requirements, where given and applicable, is so given on this basis. Requirements may change and you are therefore strongly recommended to check the up to date position with the Supplier Principal(s) of the arrangements, Passport Office, appropriate embassy or consulate or your doctor as applicable in good time before departure.

10. Complaints

If you have a problem whilst on holiday, this must be reported to the Supplier Principal(s) immediately, keeping us informed at all times. If you fail to follow this procedure there will be less opportunity for the Supplier Principal(s) to investigate and rectify your complaint. The amount of compensation you may be entitled to may therefore be reduced or extinguished as a result.

If you wish to complain when you return home, write to the Supplier Principal(s). Because the contract for your arrangements is between you and the Supplier Principal(s), any queries or concerns should be addressed to them but they should be sent c/o us and emailed to .   We are authorised to layside with the Supplier Principal in order to rectify any complaints.  Please note that all assistance we give regarding complaints is provided on a goodwill basis in our capacity as agent.  You will see the Supplier Principal's name and contact details in any confirmation documents we send you. If the matter cannot be resolved and it involves us or another ABTA member then it can be referred to the arbitration scheme arranged by ABTA. See clause 10.

11. ABTA

We are a Member of ABTA, membership numbers Y3181 and P6960 . We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA's Code of Conduct. We can also offer you an arbitration scheme for the resolution of disputes arising out of this contract. The scheme is arranged by ABTA and administered independently. It is a simple and inexpensive method of arbitration on documents alone with restricted liability on you for costs.  The upper limit on claims is £5,000 per person and £25,000 per booking form. The scheme doesn't apply to claims which are solely in respect of physical injury or illness or their consequences.   It can however deal with claims which include an element of minor injury or illness subject to a limit of £1,500 on the amount the arbitrator can award per person in respect of this element. Your request for arbitration must be received by ABTA within eighteen months of the date of return from holiday. For injury and illness claims, you can request the ABTA Mediation Procedure and we have the option to agree to mediation. Further information on the Code and ABTA's assistance in resolving disputes can be found on

12. Financial Protection

Many of the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on our website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. But ATOL protection does not apply to all holiday and travel services listed in this brochure/on this website. Please ask us to confirm what protection may apply to your booking. If you do not receive an ATOL Certificate then the booking will not be ATOL protected. If you do receive an ATOL Certificate but all the parts of your trip are not listed on it, those parts not listed will not be ATOL protected. Please see the Supplier Principal(s) booking conditions for information or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate go to

We provide financial security for flight inclusive Flight Plus bookings under ATOL number 3802. When you buy an ATOL protected Flight Plus from us you will receive an ATOL Certificate. This lists what is financially protected, where you can get information on what this means for you and who to contact if things go wrong.  For further information, visit the ATOL website at  The price of our flight inclusive arrangements includes the amount of £2.50 per person as part of the ATOL Protection Contribution (APC) we pay to the CAA. This charge is included in our advertised prices. Not all holiday or travel services offered and sold by us will be protected by the ATOL Scheme. ATOL protection extends primarily to Customers who book and pay in the United Kingdom.

We, or the Supplier Principal(s) identified on your ATOL certificate, will provide you with the services listed on the ATOL Certificate (or a suitable alternative). In some cases, where neither we nor the Supplier Principal(s) are able to do so for reasons of insolvency, an alternative ATOL holder may provide you with the services you have bought or a suitable alternative (at no extra cost to you). You agree to accept that in those circumstances the alternative ATOL holder will perform those obligations and you agree to pay any money outstanding to be paid by you under your contract to that alternative ATOL holder. However, you also agree that in some cases it will not be possible to appoint an alternative ATOL holder, in which case you will be entitled to make a claim under the ATOL scheme (or your credit card issuer where applicable).

If we, or the Supplier Principal(s) identified on your ATOL certificate, are unable to provide the services listed (or a suitable alternative, through an alternative ATOL holder or otherwise) for reasons of insolvency, the Trustees of the Air Travel Trust may make a payment to (or confer a benefit on) you under the ATOL scheme. You agree that in return for such a payment or benefit you assign absolutely to those Trustees any claims which you have or may have arising out of or relating to the non-provision of the services, including any claim against us, the travel agent (or your credit card issuer where applicable). You also agree that any such claims may be re-assigned to another body, if that other body has paid sums you have claimed under the ATOL scheme.

Please note that when you book direct with the flight provider with us acting as your agent, your booking won't usually be ATOL protected, unless it forms part of a Flight-Plus booked with us.

13. Flight-Plus Bookings

Please note – occasionally, where you book a flight and other travel service(s) via our website, your booking may amount to a Flight-Plus. Where you have booked a Flight-Plus with us, we will issue an ATOL Certificate confirming that fact. In relation to such sales, we are still acting as an agent for the individual Supplier Principal(s) and your booking will not constitute a Package as defined in the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992. We do however accept responsibility as a Flight-Plus Arranger as defined in the Civil Aviation (Air Travel Organisers' Licensing) Regulations 2012 – meaning the additional terms contained in this clause 12 will apply to your booking.

Booking a Flight-Plus with us will provide you with protection under ATOL No. 3802 in the event of Supplier Principal(s) insolvency.

12.1 What is a Flight-Plus?

A Flight-Plus exists where you book a flight out of the UK, or a flight into the UK where you departed from the UK by another means and on the same day, the day before or the day after, you also book either living accommodation or self-drive car hire which takes place outside the UK and is supplied under or in connection with your flight. In all cases the services must cover a period of more than twenty-four hours or include overnight living accommodation in order to make them a Flight-Plus. If in connection with the flight, on the same day, the day before or the day after you book the flight, you also book any other tourist services which are not ancillary to flight or living accommodation and which account for a significant proportion of the Flight-Plus, they will also form part of the Flight-Plus.

A Flight-Plus will also exist where on the same day, the day before or the day after you book: a) a non flight inclusive Package, you book a flight out of the UK, or a flight into the UK where you departed from the UK by another means or b) a flight inclusive Package, where you book accommodation or self-drive car hire outside the UK. Please note that a flight which begins and ends in the United Kingdom will not form part of a Flight-Plus. A Flight-Plus will cease to exist and this clause will not apply if you cancel any component of your Flight-Plus; and as a consequence of that cancellation, the definition of a Flight-Plus is no longer satisfied. Where you book a Flight-Plus, we will be a Flight-Plus Arranger in accordance with the definitions set out in Regulation 25 of The Civil Aviation (Air Travel Organisers' Licensing) Regulations 2012.

12.2 Our Liability for Flight-Plus

In these conditions, the failure or insolvency of a provider will have the meaning prescribed in Regulation 23 of the ATOL Regulations 2012. If, before your intended departure on a Flight-Plus, we become aware that any part of your Flight-Plus will not be provided a) because of the insolvency of any person concerned with the provision of the arrangements making up a Flight-Plus or b) because the ATOL holder providing your flight accommodation is insolvent, cannot or will not be able to meet, or will fail to meet its obligations to its customers, we will make reasonable endeavours to provide you with suitable alternative arrangements at no extra cost. If it is impossible to make such arrangements, we will give you a full refund of all monies paid to us in respect of your Flight-Plus.

If, after your intended departure on a Flight-Plus, we become aware your flight arrangements will not be provided a) because of the insolvency of any person concerned with the provision of the flight accommodation making up your Flight-Plus or b) because the ATOL holder providing your flight accommodation is insolvent, cannot or will not be able to meet, or will fail to meet its obligations to its customers, we or the CAA will provide you with suitable alternative transport back to the place of departure or to another return point to which you have agreed.  

If, after your intended departure on a Flight-Plus, we become aware that your living accommodation or self-drive car hire will not be provided because of the insolvency of any person concerned with the provision of the living accommodation or self-drive car hire making up your Flight-Plus, we will provide you with suitable alternative living accommodation or self-drive car hire at no extra cost. If it is impossible to make such arrangements, we will give you a full refund of all monies paid to us in respect of all unused flight accommodation, living accommodation, self-drive car hire and other tourist services forming part of your Flight-Plus.

Where suitable alternative arrangements are provided as set out in this section we will, where appropriate, pay you reasonable compensation, to include any incidental expenses reasonably incurred by you and evidenced by receipts. Compensation will not be payable if living accommodation or self drive car hire is offered by us and accepted by you with a higher price than that originally booked and is supplied in the same location as originally booked where no additional payment is made by you.

If cancellation occurs for reasons other than relating to insolvency, we will not be liable to pay you compensation and the above options will not be available.  As agent, whether or not we have sold you a Flight-Plus, we will not be liable in respect of quality complaints, any general losses, distress or disappointment suffered by you in relation to your booking, and any such claims must be directed to the relevant Supplier Principal(s) of the element in question. We will not make suitable alternative arrangements or pay you compensation in respect of any tourist services forming part of your Flight-Plus.  A refund will be given in respect of these services in the event of insolvency but we will have no further liability.

14. Accommodation Ratings and Standards

All ratings are as provided by the relevant Supplier Principal(s). These are intended to give a guide to the services and facilities you should expect. Standards and ratings may vary between countries, as well as between Supplier Principal(s)s. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any ratings given.

15. Documentation & Information

All descriptions and content on our website or otherwise issued by us is done so on behalf of the Supplier Principal(s) in question and are intended to present a general idea of the services provided by the Supplier Principal(s) in question. Not all details of the relevant services can be included on our website. All services shown are subject to availability. If you require any further details, in respect of any accommodation or any other services, please contact us.

16. Force Majeure

Force majeure means that neither we nor the Supplier Principal(s) will be liable to pay you compensation if we have to cancel or change your booking in any way because of unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. These can include for example, war, threat of war, terrorist activity and its consequences or the threat of such activity, riot, the act of any government or other national or local authority, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather, sea and ice conditions.

17. Law and Jurisdiction

These Booking Conditions and any agreement to which they apply are governed in all respects by English law. Any dispute, claim or other matter which arises between us out of or in connection with your booking will be dealt with exclusively by the Courts of England and Wales (unless you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, in which case you can bring proceedings in your local court under Scots or Northern Irish law, as applicable). 

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