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Riga Stag Weekends

A Baltic gem which is always topping lists as the best stag destination in the world, Riga has something for everyone. The club scene is chaotic; the days are packed with activity from snowbound escapades to frenetic outdoor experiences to get your adrenalin going and whatever you do you can be sure all the lads are pumped up and ready for the carnage that comes when the sun goes down. Riga has a serious reputation to live up to but as soon as you land you’ll see exactly why it’s so popular.

About Riga

Spend your days in Riga touring the local area by beer bike, enjoying pint after pint as you pedal the streets or pop into a traditional Latvian brewery for a tour of how they do things out east. If you’re planning to get more active, then you can enjoy everything from rough and ready quad biking to canoeing or shooting at the gun range. Riga stands out because of its snowy climes so jump aboard a snowmobile with the lads for something different to remember your stag by and of course we can’t forget the ladies who ensure that this is a break you’ll never forget, especially if you take in an oil wrestling session and watch the girls go.


Riga’s Old Town is party central when the evenings arrive and you can continue to keep the night decidedly steamy with a trip to a lap dance bar or hire a stripper to visit you at your chosen venue. Unique to Eastern Europe you can also book the stag in for a Kidnapping experience, not for the faint hearted and you can’t guarantee he’ll still be talking to you all afterwards. The Riga club scene is the stuff of legend for a reason and a guided bar crawl will ensure you hit every exclusive spot and never miss the chance to enjoy the finest that the city has to offer.

Getting There

Riga airport is 10 km from the city centre. Flight times from the UK are somewhere between 2.5 and 3 hours. This is not one of the busiest routes out of the UK, but you still have a choice of airlines which together cover all major UK airports. The transfer from the airport to the centre of Riga normally takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Main flight options:

  • Gatwick -  airBaltic and British Airways
  • Stansted - Ryanair
  • Luton - Wizz
  • Manchester - Ryanair.


If you are adventurous and would like to feel a little bit of adrenaline, then you definitely need to visit bobsleigh track where you can try wheeled bobsled in summer as well as regular one in winter. Track is the only Olympic-standard bobsleigh track in Balticís and home of national team. This activity is perfect for anyone who want to be overwhelmed by new experience and to try things he never done before. This activity - on a real proper competition bobsleigh track is unique to Riga in all Eastern Europe!


If you are going to Riga you might consider doing something hard to come by in your daily routine. Shooting is most popular activity in Riga. It takes place at the police training shooting range in the centre of Riga, where group will be shooting different firearms ranging from police service pistols to Kalashnikov and Pump Action rifles, using real live rounds and having their own targets to keep. This is another thing to try in Riga otherwise unavailable at home - not to be missed!

Guided Bar Crawl and Listed Nightclub Entry

Riga nightlife is widely considered amongst the best in Eastern Europe. Everyone needs to experience clubbing in Riga! Guided bar crawl - is introduction into the fantastic nightlife with good music, nice people, hot dancing and inspiring atmosphere till itís early in the morning! Riga's nightlife is somewhat different to usual nightlife in very large cities - it is more intimate and friendly, is not overwhelmed by too many tourists and has this personal feel to it - difficult to describe, as you have to experience it - having a party in a new vibrant place you never been to, yet feeling comfortably home away from home. It is easy as our guide will take you the best places in Riga and for busiest nightclubs in town - you will jump the queue and will enjoy VIP listed entry.

Indoor Karting

Many activities are lots of fun, few are excellent things to do as a group of friends to get a bit competitive and have a good laugh afterwards. We suggest GO-Karting in Riga. Yes, almost every destination have one, but consider this - Riga track is a large indoor one with impressive design - no costs spared building this venue. There is a bridge, a small tunnel and real tarmac surface - it is one of the best and modern tracks in Europe, the track hosts some European Pro events as well.

Jurmala daytrip

Jurmala is contemporary and modern seaside resort just outside Riga - a must to visit especially in summer. Spend a day there - white sandy beaches, excellent restaurants, relaxed beach bars. A good idea to plan it for a daytime after your morning activities - just 20 minutes drive away and your guide will be happy to arrange a transfer. Stay away if might be offended by local girls sunbathing or playing volleyball topless!

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