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Stag vs Food Challenge

Is this the ultimate man challenge? The groom and best man battle it out to see who can gobble down the most food in an hour of frenzied eating as the rest of the lads snack on a burger and urge them on.

Picture the scene. The groom and best man, starved in preparation for the contest take their seats surrounded by their supporters and raring to get started. The time for trash talking is over and they try to stare each other down as the enormous plate of food arrives. 3-2-1-go. Each plunges into the fare in front of them and the contest is under way.

The contestants will pace themselves but there’s always the temptation to make a burst to put the other guy under pressure. And as the clock begins to wind down they’ll both be looking over to see the other’s progress and taking furtive glance at the time just hoping that the ordeal can come to a close as they become more bloated.

Yep, this is a stag activity that’s perfect for food lovers – but when will they be able to look at a plate of food again?


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