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Las Vegas Stag Do

Sin City is not only the best name for a stag do destination, it is also the most appropriate and has everything you could want for a trip away with the lads. Ideas for what to do in Las Vegas will come thick and fast (which incidentally is how you'd describe the women out there), because there is so much to do at this mecca for partygoers! Las Vegas is the playground for the best nights out, and if The Hangover is anything to go by, you'll have a night that you'll never forget! Just make sure you remember the code – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

About Las Vegas

In a place where time has no meaning, the casinos are a great place to start the stag party and get the drinks flowing. The Bellagio, The Mirage and the MGM Grand all feature in Ocean's Eleven and even if you pop in just to see what the fuss is about, it'll be worth your while. Las Vegas is best known for gambling however there are loads of things you can do away from the pits whilst on a weekend. With some top nightclubs, in the entire country, make sure you go big and get VIP access.

Away from the sheer madness of the Las Vegas strip you can still do some really nice things, if you want to. From helicopter rides to dune buggy racing in the desert you can take a break away from the whirlwind of activity. Interestingly, thanks to the high level of drunken mistakes going on Vegas has the highest rate of marriages and divorces in the US. That really sets a challenge for even the wildest stag parties!

Strip Clubs

ALL 10’s…every girl is a 10...Sapphire is the worlds largest strip bar..Its almost 2 football fields big with over 400 girls working at any given night. No more explanation needed….its off the scale!

Zip Line

Probably one of the best stag activities in the world. 1.5miles of Zip Line in the desert and up to 80mph of complete thrill, adrenaline and fun. This is the perfect day out to get away from the strip mayhem. Its just amazing and will be an everlasting memory, and ideal for the ultimate lads bonding day out.

Clubs/Pool Parties

If you want to party its got to be Vegas – home of the worlds best DJs from Calvin Harris, Avicii, Dead Mau5, Tiesto all residents at clubs such as Marquee and XS. These aren't just clubs these are mega clubs. 3 floors, swimming pools, multi million dollar sound and light systems, clubs up to 40k sq ft and the hottest girls. And for pool parties there’s nothing like a cabana at Wet Republic. If Prince Harry does it…you know it’s a fit for Kings.


The hangover experience continues in the casinos... poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and more. Where else can you make more than you spend on a stag trip? The casinos are vast, stunning and a constant rush. Feel like a millionaire or become one. All possible. Highly recommended is the MGM casino..the largest in America.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel Chandelier Bar

Not one that’s often mentioned but this hotel is almost like a nightclub inside. The Chandellerre bar will attract the hottest girls in town to flirt, drink and look for the UK guys. The hotel is one of the coolest hotels on the strip if not the planet. People come here to be seen and party.. the perfect pre club drink bar and people view palace.

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