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Ever felt inspired by the likes of Rambo? If so then an afternoon shooting an arsenal of weapons (including the iconic AK-47) should be right up your street!

Everyone congratulated me on organising such a brilliant do.

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Jim Maden
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Gun Range Stag Party

Gun Range Stag Party

If you're a proper lad then you'll love the various shooting activities which we can offer. With a range of guns from your favourite movies, you'll be jumping at the opportunity to fire off a few rounds from these classics! The UK's firearm laws dictate that we can't hold any activities shooting live rounds, however our appropriately petulant response was to instead take the stags to the guns. Eastern Europe has a sufficiently lenient view on gun control and subsequently offers some awesome guns such as AK-47s, ones which you've only dreamt of shooting.

As if there wasn't enough of an incentive to go there already. Our gun range shooting experiences offer a thrill of excitement that can only be felt from shooting live ammunition. Nothing can compare to the buzz you get from feeling the gun recoil in your hands and the unique smell given off from full metal jacket rounds - without sounding too much like Lieutenant Kilgore from Apocalypse Now (I love the smell of napalm in the morning).

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