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Amsterdam Stag Weekends

One of the world’s most liberal destinations and so popular with stags, Amsterdam is a real free-for-all city which caters to almost every desire and wildest dream you could cook up for your party. With some of the world’s finest beers, their unique coffee shop culture and the infamous Red Light District, Amsterdam will not let you down when it comes to celebrating your stag in style.

About Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a love affair with everything from its picture postcard perfect views to its national beers and even the local football club, Ajax. It isn’t all about the girls and the ganj’ but there is plenty around if that’s what you’re looking for. When you arrive in Amsterdam you can enjoy a whole range of structured activities to give your stags a taste for the city. Tour a local brewery and find out more about the best Dutch brews or visit the Amsterdam ArenA and see where Amsterdam’s beloved Ajax play their home games. If you’re a golf fan then take the guys for a round or two on the local course but if you really are in it for the party and the drinks then a beer bike is the best place to start, offering tons of laughs and a chance to neck as many pints as you can manage at the same time.

When the sun goes down in Amsterdam those tell-tale red lights come to life. The Red Light District is designed to fulfil your every last desire and you can even book onto the tour to see some of the real highlights of the area, with plenty of opportunities to take a peek inside and visit a lap dancing club or two. The nightlife in Amsterdam isn’t all about the girls though and you can enjoy some fantastic live music, clubs and much more, with the Rembrandtplein a popular location for stags looking for the lively centre of the club scene.

Amsterdam can be whatever you make of it; you’ve just got to decide which way to go.

Getting There

Amsterdam's airport is officially known as Amsterdam Airport Schipol and flights take up to 1.5 hours from the UK. You can fly from most UK airports. Easyjet is the main provider of budget flights, although there are other options. The transfer from Schipol airport to the centre of Amsterdam takes around 30 minutes (22 km).

Main flight options:

  • Gatwick -  Easyjet, and British Airways
  • Stansted - Easyjet and Vueling
  • Luton - Easyjet and Vueling
  • Manchester - Easyjet, KLM and flybe.

The oldest pub in town

You can’t visit Amsterdam without visiting ‘in ‘t Aepjen’, the oldest pub in town. This pub is based in a 15th-century canal house, which is one of two remaining wooden buildings in the city. The name allegedly comes from the bar’s role in the 16th and 17th centuries as a crash pad for sailors from the Far East, who often carried aapjes(monkeys) with them. You can find this bar on Zeedijk 1, Amsterdam

Belgian beer cafes

Amsterdam has a wealth of Belgian beer cafes scattered throughout town. My personal favourite is ‘Cafe De Zotte’ (Translates as Cafe the crazy one), which is located just behind Leidseplein. With over 130 beers on bottle and on draft, this pub was the first Belgian bar in Holland. Make sure you don’t leave the pub without tasting the ‘Grimbergen triple’. But be aware: this beer is lethal.

Tattoo shops

Why not get a tattoo as a memory to your unforgettable stag weekend in Amsterdam. The most famous shop in Amsterdam is called Hanky Panky and has been around since 1979. You can make your own design or Hanky Panky can do this for you. Just make sure you remember in the morning that you got one.

Holland Casino

Just behind Leidseplein you will find the state-owned Holland Casino. This is the largest one in Holland and has a huge amount of slot machines, blackjack, roulette. They also have a top quality restaurant for those who are hungry. Each person that books with us receives free entrance to this state of the art casino. Just remember us when you win big J

Shisha Lounge

Have a smoke on a water pipe just like they do in the Middle East. No don’t worry, it doesn’t contain any of the funny stuff. You can choose from a large selection of over 20 tastes. Our favourite Shisha lounge is called Reina, on prinsengracht

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