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The apartments were absolutely perfect!
Customer Love 100%
Ryan Hunt Stag Weekend in Prague, Apr 2015
The website is so simple.
Customer Love 100%
Grant Davies Stag Weekend in Amsterdam, Apr 2015
The location of our apartments were fantastic
Customer Love 100%
Andy White Stag Weekend in Krakow, Apr 2015
Paying monthly was very advantageous
Customer Love 100%
Gareth Pike Stag Weekend in Bristol, Mar 2015
Everyone congratulated me on organising such a brilliant do.
Customer Love 100%
Jim Maden Stag Weekend in Prague, Feb 2015
The process was smooth and everything was as promised.
Customer Love 100%
Susan Wright Stag Weekend in Amsterdam, Feb 2015
The shooting was excellent
Customer Love 100%
Adrian Carroll Stag Weekend in Berlin, Feb 2015
I was particularly impressed with your payment system
Customer Love 100%
Dean Davies Stag Weekend in Birmingham, Feb 2015
Oil wrestling with strippers was tacky, totally ridiculous, and precisely what the stag and his party wanted.
Customer Love 100%
Marco Corradi Stag Weekend in Berlin, Jan 2015
Our hotel was what we needed, close to town and all the bars.
Customer Love 100%
Jamie Ellis Stag Weekend in Bournemouth, Jan 2015
It was incredible and the apartments plus staff there were so good.
Customer Love 100%
Kathryn Diana Chase Hen Weekend in Budapest, Jan 2015
The fact that you also take flight bookings and have the monthly payment plans. This takes a massive amount of hassle out of organising a trip like this
Customer Love 100%
Jonathan Cade Stag Weekend in Munich, Nov 2014
We all loved the bubble football, it was hilarious
Customer Love 100%
Joe Stickings Stag Weekend in Bournemouth, Nov 2014
We did the cocktail master class which was spot on
Customer Love 100%
Emily Barnes Hen Weekend in Manchester, Nov 2014
We had a great time!
Customer Love 4 out of 5
Suzanne Ingham Hen Weekend in Prague, Oct 2014
The white water rafting was a blast, they all loved it.
Customer Love 100%
Karen Preece Hen Weekend in Nottingham, Oct 2014
The hotel rooms were really clean and it was in a really good place, we could walk everywhere which saved money on taxis!
Customer Love 4 out of 5
Ruth Lamb Hen Weekend in Marbella, Sep 2014
We actually did the Zombie weekend which I really recommend, it was good fun and very different
Customer Love 100%
Tom Fisher Stag Weekend in Birmingham, Sep 2014
We done laser tags, quad bikes and buggies, It was fun, adrenalin, competitive and nobody could of asked for any more.
Customer Love 100%
Jack Brooker Stag Weekend in Nottingham, Aug 2014
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