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Stag Ideas

Bear Grylls’ survival island separates the stags from the boys

Red7 , May 29, 2014

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I was sitting on the sofa the other day watching a group of grown men trying to survive on snails and berries and failing to catch fish with a handmade spear, when one of the group threw an amazing tantrum – no doubt prompted by the fact he hadn’t slept or eaten properly in weeks and had come to the realisation that this was all happening to him through his own choice.

It was at this moment that my housemate turned to me and said ‘that would make a brilliant stag do.’

Rock Climbing

 Bear Grylls’ survival island… The programme we were watching was Channel 4’s latest reality television offering, ‘The Island;’ a show in which survival expert Bear Grylls maroons 13 modern men on a remote Pacific Island with just a handful of tools and leaves them to fend for themselves.

The pampered ‘modern’ men must resort to their primal skills to hunt and forage for food and shelter – but in reality spend a great deal of time bickering and sunbathing.

Although it makes great television, putting your body through this much stress doesn’t seem like an ideal way to celebrate a stag weekend.

Yet it could be said that punishing your bodies with a gruelling weekend of drinking challenges isn’t the wisest way to spend your stag weekend either.

The rise in endurance challenges and adrenalin-fuelled stag weekends suggests that many men looking for a more worthwhile way to mark the end of single life. More and more stags are choosing to compete in macho challenges like Tough Mudder or Wolf Run, which require months of training, or face their fears with a mountain trek or even dice with death with a bull running experience.

There’s even a new opportunity to complete a stag North Pole expedition.

If we’ve learnt anything from ‘The Island’ it’s that in an increasingly comfortable world, modern man is on the look out for opportunities to prove that they’re still top of the food chain. You may be able to out-drink your mates, but can you outrun, climb or manoeuvre them in a gruelling, action-packed stag do challenge?

Check out Redseven’s adrenalin-fuelled stag do challenges, here.

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