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Stag Ideas

Red7 Ultimate Drinking Games for Stags

Red7 Blogs , July 3, 2016

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Friends Drinking Games

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Get straight into the stag do spirit with these top 10 amazing drinking games ideas.

RING OF FIRE, or Kings as you may know it, is about as legendary as the actual Johnny Cash song. There are many variants of the game, but ultimately the outcome is the same – a lot of inebriated players. Any number of players, a pint glass and a pack of cards is all that’s needed to play, combined with a little bit of imagination, as each card represents a task of your choosing that you have to complete. Just try to remember which card is which task. Maybe make a list.

DRUNK JENGA – DRUNGA. This is one of those games that doesn’t take a lot of thinking about. Tasks are written on the individual blocks before creating the tower and when each block is pulled that player completes that task. Simple right? Just remember you knock the tower down and you’re drinking your entire drink. This is definitely not the innocent game that it used to be.

Looking Down Into Pint Of Beer

DIRTY PINT, or Arrogance, is probably the easiest of drinking games to explain but not necessarily the easiest to complete. Everyone taking part in the game must pour some of their drink into a pint glass, then each player flips a coin and calls it. If you’re wrong you drink whatever is in that pint. The concoctions tend to get pretty potent, and can be a little gag worthy. This one’s not for the faint of heart.

ROXANNE. This one’s for the Police fans. Or fans of getting pretty tipsy quite fast.  Players split into 2 teams, with each team having opposing rules. One team drinks when they hear the lyric “Roxanne”, and spin around on “put on a red light” The other team drinks at ‘put on a red light’ and spins on Roxanne. It all seems doable for a while, but just wait till that final chorus kicks in…

Gossip Drinking Game

PARANOIA The person on your right whispers you a question, the answer to which has to be somebody playing the game (e.g. “who will get mortal tonight?) You then name and shame that person out loud, and if they want to know what they stand accused of, they can ‘pay’ for the question by drinking.

DRUNKEN ARTISTS. I think that it’s safe to say we all know the game Pictionary, if not through playing it ourselves then at least through that scene in Friends. You get the clue and you draw, with difficulty increasing dependent on how bad at art you are. Sorry if you’re not a natural artist, because for every 20 seconds that you’re drawing you have to take 1 gulp of your drink. What if your team doesn’t guess correctly you ask? Well you’re downing that whole drink. Have Fun!!

CUP SWAP is definitely not a game to play if you don’t like mess. The aim is to transfer the contents of one cup into another. Simple right? Except you can only do it using a spoon. Whatever contents is left in the original cup after the time runs out the player must drink. Maybe not one to play in a hotel though – unless of course you want to incur charges for damage.

HOWZAT is a great game for the entire stag weekend, not just a night out. If someone passes you a drink, you must declare yourself “not out”. If you don’t do this, the whole group can shout “howzat?” and you have to finish the entirety of the drink in hand. This can be applied to any liquids and that’s where the fun really lies.

Beer Pong Party Cups in Red

BEER PONG. All you need are some cups (ideally the big red American ones), a ping pong ball, and the lads. Place an equal amount of cups at either end of a table, with a small (or large) amount of beer in each. Players aim the ball into one of the opposing team’s cups, and if it successfully lands in the cup that team member must drink the contents. Don’t be mistaken this is not a gentlemen’s game, there may be tears and definitely spilled beer.

NEVER HAVE I EVER. Does this really need explaining? Doesn’t everyone already know this one? OK, just in case! All players sit in a circle, and take it in turns to call out a statement, beginning ‘Never have I ever…’. Players that have ever take a drink, and expose their past debauchery. Great if you’ve got some dirt on the lads. If you haven’t done it, you’re probably a good person and may remain sober for the duration of the game.

Drinking Games Shots

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