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Stag Ideas

Top Activities For Including The Fathers On The Stag

Red7 Blogs , June 19, 2016

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It’s a tricky one, deciding whether or not you should invite your dad and father-in-law to come on the stag. Do you really want your friends letting slip all you got up to when you were younger? We’re pretty sure you definitely won’t want your bride-to-be’s father knowing what you got up to in the days before his daughter. With that in mind, we have put together a short list of father-appropriate stag activities to ensure you won’t be embarrassed in front of the in-laws or your own dad.

PS – while the dads are present avoid all ‘naughty’ activities. We aren’t sure what’s worse, your dad/future father-in-law seeing you getting a lap dance or you seeing your dad/future father-in-law getting one…

WHAT TO EATStag Male Eating Burger

For stag dos, we are usually massive advocates of the Steak and Stripper options – but as previously mentioned, this is probably not a good idea if the fathers are involved. Instead, why not show everyone who’s boss in the ultimate man challenge. Stag VS Food sees the stag go head to head with the best man to see who can eat the most food in one hour – surely the father-in-law to be will be impressed with that? Alternatively, get everyone involved in the feast with a trip back in time to a Medieval Banquet, guaranteed fun for everyone as you sip from goblets, sit back, and watch the entertainment between courses.


Male Golfers Walking Group

Depending on how fit your dad and father-in-law to be are, adventure activities may have to be relegated with the strippers… Luckily, we have loads of fun activities that won’t leave anyone feeling out-of-breath or awkward. Bond with everyone over a game of golf, and whether its 9 or 18 holes you go for, there’s little chance you will leave the course feeling embarrassed (unless you’re just really bad at golf). Or if you’re more of a footie guy, why not get onto a Stadium Tour of your favourite club? As long as your dad and father-in-law support the same team, then it is guaranteed fun.


Wooden whiskey barrels distillery tour

Drinking is a given on any stag, but why not make it even more interesting by going on a Distillery Tour? Available in Dublin and Edinburgh, these tours let you see the behind the scenes action and learn how your favourite whisky gets made. You’ll even get some samples on the way… If you and the dads aren’t big on whisky and would much rather have a pint, there’s also the option of the Brewery Tour.


Men playing poker game

If you are after a night full of laughs which aren’t at your expense, a night of live comedy is the perfect option. With someone else handing out the jokes, it’s less likely your mates will drop you in it with details you may not want certain people to hear.

If you’re looking for a classier affair, don your finest tux and head to the casino. Sip on martinis James Bond style and try your luck on the roulette wheel – just try not to lose it all in front of the man whose daughter you are about to marry.

For more nightlife options, take a look at all Red7 have to offer here. One last time though – no strippers in front of parents. It’s just way too weird.


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