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Stag Ideas

Stag Do ice breakers

Rob Reaks , June 26, 2019

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Stag do ice breakers; People from all walks of life come together on the stag.  You have the best mate, the school friends, uni friends, colleagues, family and sometimes even the bride-to-be’s family (best behaviour boys).  This can make the organisation difficult as you somehow need to come together and be best of buds for the stag.  There’s loads of different ways to break the ice, whether it’s with fancy dress, drinking games, or all bonding over embarrassing the stag himself. However we think the best way to truly get to know one another is with good old fashioned team games and drinking, so we’ve put together the best activities to bring the whole group together.

stag do ice breakers

Find the perfect place to call home for the weekend and choose a party pad.  It will be like having everyone get together in your house, just a really, really cool house.  Whether you want a rock and roll themed place, a New York style apartment or a beachfront cottage, it can be the perfect place to play classic drinking games such as ring of fire, drunk jenga and dirty pint.  It’s also a place to get ready in the most ridiculous fancy dress, the more embarrassing the better – but that bit only applies to the stag of course.


stag do ice breakers

This is no ordinary bike. Behold the Beer Bike; the perfect fusion of beer and sightseeing. This is such a good ice breaker and a good way to merge groups over a pint. Generally made so that a group of you can sit around a central bar with pedals at your feet (this part is usually shared which means it’s pretty easy). We wouldn’t advocate drinking behind the wheel, so you will have a guide steering you all in the right direction and acting as your navigator, so you can focus all your attention on the beer!

Blind Driving, the ultimate trust-builder!

Stag do ice-breakers

What better way to break the ice and get to know someone than to put your life in their hands as they drive. Blindfolded. Blind Driving is a really fun task for stags. Split into teams, your navigator will guide you through the course as you put all your faith in him and follow instructions. Fingers crossed you won’t end up in a ditch, but don’t worry if you do because it would probably be a hilarious tale to tell when you all get back.


It’s a Royal Knockout!

Everyone remembers It’s a Knockout right? The show with crazy games and inflatables? This stag do ice breaker is perfect! Now’s your chance to take part (minus the TV cameras). You’ll be bouncing around, tumbling down, and making your way through loads of foam and water just to make it that little bit harder.  Each region has local variations, but no matter where you go it’s a guaranteed laugh. If this doesn’t break the ice then we don’t know what will…the perfect stag do ice-breaker!


Stag Do Ice-breakers

As far as stag do ice breakers go, get the gang in an escape room where the clock is against you and only team work will get you out! If you want an activity that requires genuine team work then you’ll love the the Escape Rooms, guaranteed to bring a group together as you try and crack the code to escape a variety of themed rooms depending on location.  Whether it’s escaping a madman in an abandoned asylum, infiltrating a secret society or putting a stop to an alien invasion, reckon you and the boys are up for the challenge?  Find out who works best under pressure as the clock ticks and you race to crack the codes and solve puzzles in order to escape.

Call the experts at Red7 for more ideas and inspiration! Whether it’s a last-minute night out in the UK or a full-on week in Ibiza or Marbs, we’ve got it covered. 01273 872200. Red7 – Serious About Fun! ABTA and ATOL protected.

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