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Stag Ideas

Planning a Stag Party

Rob Reaks , August 21, 2019

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So, you’re the Best Man, congratulations. What an honour. Also, a bit of a headache. When have you ever had to arrange a group holiday with an itinerary packed with great things to do? Never? You’re not alone.

Here are some tips for planning a stag party, we hope they help. As long as you’re super organised and you do your homework, you’ll be able to create an EPIC stag do here in the UK or overseas. Plus, with careful planning, your stag do won’t break the bank. How about a Stag Do in Bournemouth? That could be under £20 a month. Seriously? Yes. See below for more info.

Top Tip: Want to save time and money? Call Red7 – we’re here to help. We’ve been creating amazing group holidays for over 30 years. We’re rated EXCELLENT by our customers on Trust Pilot and we’re Proud Members of ABTA, the Travel Association.

Planning and Stag Party – Who’s coming?

Find out who’s coming and get all their details (phone, email full name – as it appears on their passport!) and set up a group WhatsApp so that communication is easier. If your Groom is flexible on where to go, what to do, when, you can ask the group for ideas but don’t seek too much consensus or you’ll never get anything done! Restrict choices to two or three options, set a deadline and once it’s agreed, that’s it.

Set a rough budget early on, as some people will opt in or out based on the cost. Some people actually have TWO stag dos – the big one, and a smaller one – typically just a meal and a night out locally to where they live.

TOP TIP: Once you have all the info – what, where, when and how much – set a deadline for people to confirm they’re coming. Certain elements of your Stag Do will depend on numbers – ie. the Villa capacity. The size of the mini bus. Certain types of activity will have minimum and maximum group sizes. Cost per person will be affected if your numbers go up or down – a 16 seat bus costs the same if it’s carrying 10 people or 16, but your individual share of the cost will change.

Planning a Stag Party – Where to go?!

Probably the most important question and the best place to start. Where does the Groom want to go? A beach holiday or City break? UK or overseas? Some of this will depend on your budget – factoring in flight costs makes a big difference. Top Tip: Be flexible on dates and factor in peak season costs when setting a budget – be realistic. With Red7, you can spread your costs with a monthly payment plan, so if your weekend is relatively expensive, the monthly payments could be really low.

Being a little bit flexible on destination will help when it comes to finding the best destination for your budget. So, rather than be set on Barcelona, maybe you’ll end up in Benidorm? heart set on Ibiza but budget not high enough, try Albufeira – our Number 1 Stag Do destination abroad. You may even switch from an overseas destination to the UKBournemouth in the Summer rivals the best European beach resorts and sometimes the weather outstrips Spain and The Algarve!

Likewise, if you’re looking at Eastern Europe, you may find that Riga or Bratislava are cheaper options to Budapest and Prague.

Benidorm Poniente beach
View of the city and the beach of Albufeira

Don’t forget that abroad, the party season may not run all year. Plus, just because you’re going abroad doesn’t mean the sun shines every day. Our Travel Aces are experts, so they know when and where to go for the best stag do weekend.

Planning a Stag Party – What to do?

Planning a Stag Party

When you’re planning a stag party there are SO many options of what to do – action-packed weekends including shooting, go karting, bubble football, white water rafting, paintball…. Top Tip: take the time to read the reviews (at Red7, ALL of our activities are tried and tested, and we only use the best!). Also, make sure your activities are a reasonable distance from your accommodation, and allow time to get to / from each activity. If you’re late, you could lose out. Red7 Travel Aces are the experts, so they’ll take care of all of this for you when they build your itinerary. No guess work here!

Top Tip: Don’t pay for anything by bank transfer – it’s like paying cash and you won’t be covered if something goes wrong. Use a credit card or pay via a Travel Agency – you’ll be protected by our ABTA membership, ABTA is the UK’s Travel Association.

Planning a Stag Party – What to eat?

You can pre-book and pre-pay for your group meals. Picture it….a top stag do destination during the peak travel season, you’re never going to get a table for 20 people at 7pm on a Saturday night! Pre-booking and pre-paying takes away all the hassle. Italian, Chinese, a lovely Curry, American or Thai? Top Tip: Check dietary requirements for everyone in the group at the very outset, when you collect their names, phone numbers and emails. If you’ve created a group WhatsApp, ask there.

Planning a Stag Party – Clubbing

Planning a Stag Party

Now, this is where an expert comes in handy. When you’re planning a stag party you’re going to want to include a nightclub or two. But, some clubs don’t allow large same sex groups, unless you’re “on the list” and some don’t allow any form of fancy dress. So, it’s important to check and always get your group on the priority guest list. Top Tip: Red7 have a huge network of nightclubs on the books, so we’ll ensure you get in to the best clubs in town. (btw. Best not turn up TOO drunk, not even we can get you in if you’re pissed!)

Where to stay

Where you stay sets the tone for the whole weekend, so choose carefully. Hotel? Apartments? Villa? To keep costs down, choose multi-share rooms or hostels, the quality of this type of accommodation has improved a lot over the years and now some hostels are like mini-boutique hotels. Top Tip: Check the bed arrangements, multi share rooms usually come with single beds, but check as they may be doubles and lads prefer not to share!

Budget Hotel

Also, when you book your hotel, it’s best to be honest that you’re a large same-sex / stag do group. With Red7, all our hotels are group-friendly and you’ll have no problems when you check in. Also, most of out hotel/hostel bookings will include breakfast throughout your stay. On a budget? Try our Allocation on Arrival option, you’ll know the location and the Star Rating, but not the actual name of your hotel until you travel.

Make sure your group know the name and address of the accommodation in case you get split up – Top Tip: ‘I’m lost’ cards are great – they come in handy if you’re a bit drunk! (Please drink responsibly on your stag do and look out for each other!).


Check everything before you travel

Make sure that all of your reservations are correct with each venue, so that there are no nasty surprises during your trip. Make sure you know WHERE everything is (you may need to arrange transfers from airports or train stations, and between activities – often activities like shooting, go karting and bubble football will be out of town). Top Tip: Make ‘I’m lost’ cards for the group so that if you get split up, you know where you’re staying!

If you use Red7 when planning a stag party we book, check and triple check everything for you – saving you loads of time and trouble. And, with us, everything that’s booked is pre-paid in full so there’s nothing to pay when you’re there (except your drinks, of course!)

Make sure you have all the paperwork, booking confirmations, receipts…. With Red7, everything you need is in your Travel Pack, plus with our 24/7 Emergency Phone, if you hit a disaster we’re here for you!

Planning a Stag Party – BOOK EARLY

Booking EARLY means you get the best choice of accommodation and activities – centrally located, group-friendly, cheap hotels and apartments get snapped up and the ‘popular’ time slots for activities get booked well in advance, so when you’re planning a stag party and want the perfect itinerary you need to sort your stag do as soon as possible.

Top Tip: Spread the cost. With your MyRed7 interest-free Monthly Payment Plan you spread the cost of your holiday into easy, small monthly payments. Each group member choose how to pay (pay in full, spread the cost, pay closer to the date of travel) and they pay us directly – so you don’t need to chase up payments. We can sort you a Stag Do weekend for less than £20 per month*!!!!

Travelling abroad?

Planning a stag party abroad, we have to end with the obvious. Don’t forget your passport! And make sure you have at least 6 months of validity at the time of travel. Buy your currency before you get to the airport (the exchange rates at airports tends to be petty rubbish!) and when abroad and paying by card, always pay in the local currency as converting to Sterling will be more expensive. Top Tip: Make sure you all have a way to contact each other at all times, and be aware of the local numbers to call in an emergency.

Stag Do in Bournemouth

*For example, a Stag Do to Bournemouth full of things to do, would cost just £19.07 per month! (Deposit £34.07, then 12 monthly payments of £19.07, total payable £247.88 includes booking fee and instalment plan admin charge). What’s included…..

Bournemouth Stag Do. Based on booking in August 2019 travelling Fri 6th Nov 2020 for three nights.

stag do Bournemouth

Bournemouth is the NUMBER 1 UK destination for Stag dos (based on Red7 bookings 2017-2019). With sandy beaches, amazing clubs and a group-friendly vibe, it’s Number 1 for good reason. It’s also GREAT VALUE.

For £247.88 you get:-

Lynden Court Hotel multi share rooms, with Breakfast 3 nights.

Friday evening, lap dance club entry with topless lap dance for each of the group

Planning a Stag Party

Saturday Outdoor Go Karting; 2 course evening meal with welcome drink and priority club entry

Planning a Stag Party

Sunday Quad Biking (1hr); Casino entry, welcome drink, bar meal and tuition with your host.

Planning a Stag Party

Take (and share) lots of Photos!

Don’t forget to share your photos to the group WhatsApp when you’re back!

stag do with Red7

So, if you’re the Best Man and you’re planning a stag party, call the experts. Let’s get YOUR party started – call our Group Travel Aces on 01273 872200.

Members of ABTA
Red7 Group Travel, hens stags groups and sports

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