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Stag Ideas

Party like the Wolf of Wall Street (almost) with the wildest stag weekends around.

Red7 , January 30, 2014

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Oscar-nominated film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ starring a magnificent Leonardo DiCaprio  as the hedonistic antihero, is a bonkers three hour ride of sex, strippers, money, drugs, dwarf-throwing contests and the most ridiculous stag party we’ve ever seen. The film is based on the tell-all memoir of Jordan Belfort, a New York stockbroker who swindled his way to the top and spent his money like it was his last day on Earth, on yachts, girls and partying, until the FBI caught up with him in 1998.

We’re not endorsing theft and fraud, and certainly not the other slightly less than legal activities that the Wolf of Wall Street and his mates get up to. We’re also wary of giving too much away for those stags who haven’t yet had the chance to see the film yet. We would, however, like to suggest a few wild stag activities for those pleasure-seeking stags who want a taste of the high life, to help you and the lads enjoy the ultimate wild weekend.

Have a Flutter

Casino – DiCaprio gambled with millions of dollars of other people’s money and spent his winnings like it was going out of fashion. Celebrate your stag weekend in true Wolf of Wall Street style and try your luck with a night at a top casino. Redseven organise stag dos at casinos all over the world. Who knows, you might win enough to buy more than a round of champagne at the bar. See Redseven’s casino stag weekends, here.

Las Vegas – Take the hedonism one step further with a no holds-barred trip of a lifetime. Vegas is a playground for stags looking to place their bets at the tables in some of the biggest casinos in the world, and party hard. Click here to see Redseven’s awesome stag weekends in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Stag Weekend

Horse Racing – Suit up and party like VIPs in your own exclusive private box at the UK’s top race courses. Take a look at Redseven’s horse racing stag weekends.

Greyhound Racing – Greyhound racing is ideal for stags looking for something rather unconventional to keep the lads entertained. We challenge you not to lose your heads as your dog tears over the finish line. To see Redseven’s greyhound racing stag weekends, click here.


Girls, Girls, Girls

Oil Wrestling

Lap dancing club – No stag weekend is complete without some risqué entertainment to get the lads hot under the collar. Have a stag do that the Wolf himself would be proud of and enjoy the show. Feast your eyes on Redseven’s top class lap dancing club stag weekends.

Strippers – Show the stag just how much he means to you and order him a unforgettable show from a private stripper. The sexy mistress will come to you and deliver a performance he won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Book a stripper for your stag weekend with Redseven.

Sexy Hostess – The Wolf of Wall Street barely goes anywhere without a bikini-clad entourage or piece of arm candy. Feel like kings of stags with a parade of sexy, scantily clad girls to escort you wherever you go. Take a look at Redseven’s Sexy Hostess stag weekends.

Oil Wrestling – Watching as two hot girls slather themselves in oil and wrestle is something that should be experienced at least once. Click here for Redseven’s oil wrestling stag weekends.


Boat Party

Boat Party – Make like the Wolf himself and step aboard your very own private party boat. Every stag deserves their own floating kingdom to give him the most hedonistic send off possible. Click here to see Redseven’s boat party stag weekends.

Marbella Pool Party – Home to one of the richest marinas in the world, Puerto Banus, Marbella is frequented by the rich and famous pulling up in their yachts. Marbella is the perfect place to go on your stag weekend for living the high life with beautiful people and flowing champagne. The pool parties are legendary, and get pretty wild.

Pool Party

For Redseven’s Marbella stag weekends, click here.


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