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Ultimate Stag's Grooming Guide

Red7 Stags Present: The Ultimate Gentlemen’s Grooming Guide

Red7 Blogs , May 30, 2017

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Fix up, look sharp

Whether you’re heading out for a day in the office or a big night on the town, the average daily routine for most men is sure to include some time spent on perfecting your appearance. But what does it take to get that effortlessly groomed look? From picking a stylish outfit to taming those unruly locks, it’s time to up your male grooming game.

We recently caught up with top names in the men’s fashion and lifestyle world, as they tried out our newest Brighton stag party activity, the Gentlemen’s Pamper Experience. While they enjoyed a full male pamper session, we were able to get an insight into what it takes to make the modern man look like an absolute legend from top to toe. From the men who inspire them to tips for looking sharp, this complete guide includes everything you need to know to look and feel top notch on your Brighton stag do, on the wedding day, or just because it’s Tuesday and you want to look lit.

Red 7 Gentleman's Stag Grooming Guide 2 - Outfit

Red7 Stag

Our Top Stag Fashion Tips

How you look says a lot about who you are. Treat your wardrobe as a little way of stating exactly what you love in life. By wearing signature pieces that showcase your personality, you’ll give off a vibe that will attract like-minded people.

We’re not saying you’ve got to always wear the most expensive and lairy three-piece suit if you think of yourself as a more confident chap. Instead, choose things that you really love and invest in quality brands. That way, you can keep loving it, and the garment won’t fall apart on you.

Feeling vibrant? Opt for a careful pairing of prints. This can be really successful if working in a similar colour palate for shirt and tie combos. Shyer, or more reserved types might veer towards layering subtle cool shades. The Danes pull this look off expertly. Layer a navy cardigan over a well-cut grey toned shirt and always choose a quality pair of shoes that tone in perfectly with the rest of your ensemble. If you choose items that you really like, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Insider tip – Fashion insider Jai’me, of Boy Meets Fashion blog, puts great style down to knowing yourself and recognising what you feel comfortable in: “Dress yourself in a way that’s true to your identity and your personality. Don’t worry too much about trends, just wear what’s you.” Pride and effort in your look will speak volumes about your personality. Get it right and you’ll feel and look ace.

Red 7 Gentleman's Stag Grooming Guide 3 - Shampoo

Image by visual artist Filipe Canha (


There’s no golden rule when it comes to your hair do. But people will definitely notice a hair don’t. Gent’s can get away with most styles as long as it looks intentional – no scruffy dos! Become a regular at your barbershop to keep on top of your crop, and get to know which lengths and styles suit the shape of your face best. Close shaves and long styles can both look suave when cut well and maintained. If in doubt, a faded short-back-and-sides with a textured top is both current and smart enough to take you from the beach to the boardroom. Avoid using too much product, but a subtle wax or clay adds extra shape and hold to your locks.

Keep your hair healthy with regular shampooing and conditioning. If you suffer with dry hair or dandruff then use special products to keep it soft and nourished. Your hair should be eye-catching for the right reasons, so stay clear of outrageous dyes and wet look gel (seriously, no one wants crispy hair!).

Insider tip – Menswear and lifestyle blogger Sam Gray rates using coconut oil for a healthy hair routine: “Coconut oil is great when my hair is dried out. I pop a bit in, sleep in it overnight and wash it out in the morning. It smooths things out and keeps it looking its best.”

Red 7 Gentleman's Stag Grooming Guide 4 - Haircare

Image by visual artist Filipe Canha (

Male grooming

A bold beard statement can make a man, but make sure you do it right. Wispy upper-lip hair and any form of experimental moustache – handlebar, horseshoe, pencil – are best reserved for fancy dress occasions (trust us).

Once you’ve grown a solid beard foundation, it’s time to perfect the style. First buzz your whole beard with the same guard length on your razor. For a smart fade, buzz from your Adam’s apple to your jaw, increasing the length of the guard as you go. Remove the guard to trim up any stray hairs around your neck for a groomed finish. Not feeling too confident trying this in your bathroom mirror? Ask your barber for a quick shape-up or beard trim while you’re in the chair for your regular crop. Keep your beard in check with must-have tools, including beard shampoo and wax, a beard comb and, of course, a decent razor.

Not everyone loves the bearded look. Neat stubble and clean-shaven facial hair are both groomed looks that show consideration for your appearance. Keep up the smooth shave with a daily routine or sculpt your stubble to make sure it looks neat. If you’re heading to a special event, like a wedding for instance, check with the groom first to judge if the sculpted stubble look will fly on the day.

And the must-have male grooming products in our influencers kits? David Hawkins from Out There Mag swears by a good beard oil for keeping his facial hair in check, while Rich Day from The Classic Male loves Kiehl’s non-shine facial wash and moisturiser for day or Perricone MD’s newest Hydrogen range to keep his skin happy. “The new Perricone MD Hydrogen Firming Foam Mask followed by the Hydrating Cloud Cream is a great moisturising morning combo.”

Red 7 Gentleman's Stag Grooming Guide 5 - Shades and Shaving

Images by visual artist Filipe Canha (


Staying healthy and in shape doesn’t mean you have to spend your life in a gym replacing meals with supplements and protein powder. There are loads of ways you can keep yourself fit and healthy without overhauling your lifestyle. Plus, looking after your body breeds self-confidence. Stick to a regular routine of weight training and cardio to keep the beer belly away. And if that doesn’t sound like your thing then try taking up an alternative fitness activity such as a martial art, or a 5-a-side league. Having a fit and functional body can help in day-to-day life, physically and mentally.

James from Men’s Style Fashion sticks to a simple three day gym routine to keep in shape: “My first day will be a push session, then I do a second push session on day two and end with a leg day. Then I’ll have a day off before repeating the cycle.”

Watch your diet too – vitamins, minerals and proteins help your skin stay clear and your muscles healthy. When you’re out and about with mates, swap beer for a spirit and diet mixer, and don’t cave for that fried chicken delight on your journey home. Top tip: you don’t have to completely cut out your favourite treats. Everything in moderation is the way forward – you’ll obviously want to let loose when you’re on a stag do with the guys, and why shouldn’t you!

Red 7 Gentleman's Stag Grooming Guide 6 - Barber Kit


Looking after your skin and taking pride in your pamper routine is just as important as anything else you can do for your appearance.

Develop a daily or weekly grooming routine to keep yourself looking permanently sharp. Start off with choosing your fragrance. A signature scent is a powerful tool – it can act like a calling card when you walk past. Keep it fresh and clean for the day and look for more intense scents for the evening; a quality and classic fragrance with a warm tone is the best way to go as you’ll never tire of it.

Insider tip – For a good all-rounder, fitness and fashion blogger Rowan Row recommends the classic Creed scent or if you’re looking to treat yourself try a fragrance from Jai’me’s favourite Tom Ford range.

Moisturise daily to keep your skin looking smooth and healthy. You might want to consider an eye roll-on if you’ve been struggling with late nights. Caffeine under-eye rollers are a godsend when you’ve got to get to the church on time!


One of the most attractive things a man can wear is his confidence. Be bold and have conviction in everything you do, say and wear. Surround yourself with a solid group of gents and don’t be afraid to speak up and make yourself known.

Everyone read The Game way back when. Don’t let on that it was your first dating tutorial by memorising awkward conversation starters. Instead, learn to listen to friends and colleagues, and practise good conversation. And most importantly, be able to laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously.

We asked Tim Whittington from Men’s Style Fashion for his top tip to feeling more confident: “Self belief. If you believe in yourself then you don’t need to think about how you come across because you’re happy with who you are.”

Red 7 Gentleman's Stag Grooming Guide 7 - Suit Styling

Looking and feeling your best is simple once you start adding these tips into your daily life. Maintaining a regular grooming routine is surprisingly easy, but our Gentlemen’s Pamper Experience is the perfect top-up before a classy Brighton stag do. Once you’ve had your hair trimmed, styled and your facial hair sculpted, you’ll relax with a drink and cigar in hand. It’s the perfect way to begin your Brighton stag do. Feel fresh, suave and perfectly turned out.

To find out more about our Deluxe Gentlemen’s Pamper Experience, get in touch with our good-time travel gurus today!

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