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Stag Ideas

Stag on a Shoe String

Red7 Blogs , April 28, 2016

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The Top Eastern European Cities to Visit On Your Stag Do on a shoe string

Stag dos can get pretty expensive once you’ve booked flights, accommodation, all the activities to bring the group together, and all the money spent on the strippers. At Red7 we know this, so have put together a list of the top value Eastern European cities to visit for a stag do on a shoe string.   Affordable without compromising on fun? Yes, please!


Shoestring Stag Sofia Centre, Bulgaria

Sofia is hands down the best value for money in Eastern Europe to host a stag do. The cost of airport transfers here is incredibly low and you start the day with a breakfast for as little as 40p!  It only gets better from here with taxis and metro passes the cheapest we have seen.

Not only is Sofia affordable, it has shooting ranges. Get the lads together and experience what we think is the best shooting experience in Eastern Europe.  Set in an old Military building, shoot various guns, including machine guns, all under the instruction of a former professional soldier.  After a session at the shooting range, you could even visit our favourite steakhouse followed with a visit from a stripper.


Shoestring Stag Prague at night

With beer as little as £1 per pint, it’s no surprise that Prague, the capital known for its after-hours entertainment, is a favourite for stags.  Home to the only brewery in central Europe which has been brewing beer for 500 years, it is definitely worth visiting for a brewery tour.

With all the money you are saving on beer you can put it towards something really fun, and when it comes to girls, Prague doesn’t disappoint. Get yourselves to an oil-wrestling show with strippers – the stag even gets to join in the fight.


Riga, Latvia Shoestring Stag Destination.

Riga has been named by some as the best stag destination in the world, and we can see why.  Not only is there something for everyone, it’s also really inexpensive. If you really want to give the stag an experience he won’t forget, you can even book the stag to get kidnapped here…  You can make it up to him as the kidnap ends with a lap dance, with not just one, but two strippers!

In the warmer months, spend the days touring the local area on a beer bike or with a bar crawl.  You can even throw your own stag yacht party along the Latvian coastline with 2 strippers to keep the lads entertained.  During the colder months, jump aboard a snowmobile with the lads for something different.


Rynek Glowny - The main square of Krakow in Poland

Krakow is one of the best value countries for your stag once you get there. Home to the cheapest restaurant dinner, from as low as £2.50, you and the boys will have plenty of spare change to spend on beer! Everything in Krakow is close together and within walking distance, making it the ideal stag location as you wander from bar to bar without paying for transport.

During the summer, the bars move to the streets with outdoor seating and beer gardens, whilst during the winter months the party moves back downstairs into the cosy cellars across the city.

Spend at least one day in the largest indoor waterpark in Europe. Full of slides and jets it’s guaranteed fun, or if you’re nursing a hangover from the night before, relax in the hydro massage areas.


Budapest Prague and River Danube by Night

You won’t find beer cheaper in any other European city.  With pints priced under £1, Budapest is the perfect place for a boozy stag weekend.  The city gets its name from two halves, split by the River Danube.  Pest – our favourite half, is the party central and is dominated with clubs, bars and more.  Spend the evenings (or days), bar crawling the famous Ruin pubs and riverside cafes. A guided bar crawl will ensure you get to visit all the best spots. Buda is the half of the city known for being hilly and a great place for all the action and activities that you would expect from a stag.  Whether its paintballing or off road driving, Budapest is sure to keep the group entertained.


Evening scenery of Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn has everything you need for a great stag; loads to see, loads to do, full of girls and the best bit – it’s all low-cost, especially the beer. Find everything you need in between the two areas: Vabaduse väljak (Freedom Square) the main hub, and Raekoja plats, the Town Hall Square, where you’ll find all the best authentic (cheap) restaurants.  With everything being close together, the time between pints will be kept to a minimum.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, jump aboard a powerboat for a Safari Speedboat Ride.  Suitable for all weather, you’ll get to see a panoramic view of Tallinn whilst speeding through the waters.


Bratislava Slovakia Panorama - Main Square

You’ll find beers that cost 2 euro per pint in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. And whilst we are on the topic or beer, it is definitely worth paying a visit to the brewery to sample the beer whilst in the city. The Slovaks produce several varieties of beer, plus lunch is included.  When it comes to sightseeing, Bratislava Castle is a must see. Pack a couple of drinks, climb up and enjoy the views over the city.

For food you’ll be in for a feast, and most restaurants will charge 10-15 euro for two courses.  Not only is it affordable, but it’s also delicious and is made from the freshest ingredients.  After dinner, treat yourself to a naked dessert, which is probably exactly what you’re imagining… After a saucy show, a stripper lets the stag decorate her with fruit and cream, which can then be eaten by the rest of the group. Beats a cheesecake any day!

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