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Stag Ideas

Czech me out – The Ultimate Lads Weekend to Prague.

Red7 , January 15, 2016

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All aboard the banter bus headed to Prague! This is THE city for the ultimate lads’ weekend.  Booze, birds and sport. Sounds good to me!

Prague Bars

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Let’s get the important stuff covered first: beer.  Prague is said to offer the world’s best, so start the weekend with the lads checking out where their national beer Staropromen is made in the largest brewery in the city.

The brewery is great for the day, but when the sun sets the nightclubs in Prague are a must, so get a guide to make sure you’re not left hanging around outside in the cold!

If you’re not quite ready to throw some shapes out on the dancefloor, why not carry on drinking in sophistication and win big at the casino?

Prague Casino

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The next round’s on you!


Prague Sport

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Fancy yourself as the next Ronaldo? If you are football mad and can’t bear the thought of a weekend away from the pitch, Prague has plenty to offer. Whether it’s a competitive game of 5 A Side football with the lads or maybe a fun alternative.  Suit up in your bubble suit and attempt to make a tackle without bouncing to the floor in a game of bubble football, possibly the hardest way to play but guaranteed fun.  Or for those golf fans, why not merge the two? Foot golf offers the best of both with a few twists thrown in at each hole in the course.


There’s always that one mate that is super competitive.  Why not put him in his place and beat him in a race around the track? Race off the hangover with a morning on the go karting track and celebrate your win (or drown your sorrows from your loss) with a nice cold beer.  If you like to get down and dirty, try your hand at quad biking on the outskirts of Prague (don’t panic, transfers included!).  Perhaps you want to try something a little different? Hovercrafting  is like no machine you have ever driven before. Plus you get a female guide to keep you company…


Prague has all the gun activities you could want and more. Have a go shooting the infamous AK47 at the gun range and make Rambo proud! For the lads who would rather don their tweed jackets rather than their bandanas, take aim and fire into the sky with an afternoon of Clay Pigeon Shooting. Finally – for those who would rather shoot at each other, Prague offers both indoor and outdoor paintballing.

Prague Paintballing

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Hunt down your mates whatever the weather in an action packed day out!


Prague girls

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Last, but certainly not least, get ready for the girls.  Start the night with a feast with a stripper on the side.  Steak and strippers – the dream! You can have a few beers thrown in too. No lad’s weekend is completed without a visit to a lap dancing club, and there is plenty in Prague to keep you entertained!  Treat yourself to the lap dance club crawl and visit the three best in the city.  If you’re the type of lad that likes to get involved in the action, then Oil wrestling is the activity for you! Simply put – watch two topless ladies wrestle in a variety of substances ranging from oil to mud with one lucky lad getting to join the fight. Lucky man…

Prague Oil Wrestling

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