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WANTED: Britain’s BEST Best Man

Britain’s BEST Best Man – the hunt is on!

Red7 , June 20, 2017

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This wedding season, help us hunt down Britain’s BEST best man…

Wedding season is upon us! For any mate of a groom-to-be, the honor of being named best man can come with a lot of responsibilities. There’s planning the stag do, choosing the fancy dress options, assisting with wedding plans, beer tasting for the reception (obviously), getting suited up, ensuring the groom ‘makes it to the church on time’, crisis management (dealing with cold feet/ the groom going AWOL) and of course writing THE speech. Getting it all right for the main man is a big deal.

The hunt for Britain's Best Best Man is on!

Grooms across the country are being asked to nominate their best man to be crowned Britain’s BEST Best Man. Maybe he’s the guy who throws a brilliant stag do but never has a party in his name, or he’s stood by several grooms but never made the vow himself. Whatever his story, we want your help to find him! A short list will be created in the run up to the big announcement, offering exclusive stories including photos and best speech quotes from Britain’s Most Eligible Best Men.

It’s a job that takes guts, a high tolerance for brides – ahem – booze, and some tactical planning to make the groom’s big day run smoothly. This season, the hunt is on to find Britain’s BEST Best Man. He’s the one who knows exactly what it takes to plan the ultimate stag party, (which includes just enough embarrassment for the stag as it does memorable fun times), he can juggle a million things to make the day run like a well-oiled machine. Plus, he writes a *mean* speech – witty in all the right places and doesn’t make the bride’s family cringe (always a plus).


For the blokes with the most, here are some of the qualities our judges will be looking for:

  1. Diplomatic – keeping up a united front when the stags are on tour and handing any family/ friend drama on the big day
  2. Organised / has the ability to plan – the stag do!! He can in fact organise a pi$s up in a brewery
  3. Responsible – for actually getting you, the groom, to the wedding on time (and in one piece!)
  4. Loyal – for demonstrating time and time again that he’s your right hand man. Through thick and thin, highs and lows, cold feet and everything, he’s still got your back
  5. Reliable – doing what he says and keeping it together when others are losing it. Every groomsman has to be able to pull things back from the brink of crazy…
  6. Safe hands – you can trust him with those all-important rings!
  7. A sense of humour – he must keep things light, fun and positive even in the face of adversity. Plus, bonus points for hilarious (and good taste) stag pranks
  8. A sense of style – ensuring all groomsmen choose great suits and turn up, well-groomed and looking like ‘husband material’
  9. Stand by your side – even beyond the big day, this guy has got your back and will be there for you in sickness and in health
  10. Gentlemanly/chivalrous tenancies – knows that it’s his duty to escort the maid of honour down the aisle and then return to get the mother of the bride


If your Best Man fits the bill, now’s your chance to give him the credit he’s due by nominating him as Britain’s BEST Best Man.

14 regional finalists will each win a voucher to experience our brand new Deluxe Gentlemen’s Experience for a group of 6 people at Lipstick & Gunpowder in Brighton.

The winner from each region will win a one night stay in Brighton for the Best Man and his nominator plus a VIP night out with the ultimate stag, Ian Lucas from Red7, when the national winner will be crowned.

To nominate your Best Man, visit our Facebook post and tag your mate in a comment, including the reason(s) they deserve to win. Entries can be put forward by the bride or groom, and the deadline for submissions is midnight on 21 July 2017. The shortlist will be announced on 4th August and the national finalists will be announced on 29th August, with the winner being crowned on 22nd September. Shortlisted contenders will be asked for further evidence of your best man’s greatness, including photos, speech quotes and videos. Good Luck!

Enter our Facebook competition for a chance to win!

Nominate your right hand man as the BEST Best Man! All you need to do is tag your friend in our Facebook post here and tell us why he deserves to win a Deluxe Gentlemen’s Experience. Your group of up to 6 friends (including the Best Man) could WIN the ultimate gent’s pamper experience in Brighton complete with drinks, massages and ‘man’icures, plus VIP club entry!

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