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Britain’s Best Best Man – The final 7

Britain’s Best Best Man – The final 7

Red7 Blogs , August 29, 2017

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We’re down to the final 7. If this was The X Factor we’d be left with the top talents, and Louis Walsh’s groups would be back to their day jobs. Our 14 deserved finalists have all won a voucher for a 3-hour Deluxe Gentlemen’s Experience at Lipstick & Gunpowder – but the race to be crowned Britain’s Best Best Man is now down to single digits.

7 regional winners are still in the running for the accolade, and will all be attending a VIP night out in Brighton, alongside ‘King of Stags’, Ian Lucas (except for Sean Keenan, who we hope will be making an appearance on Skype – all the way from Mount Kilimanjaro). Acknowledging the hard graft needed to smash the role of best man, Ian said:

“Whittling down the entries was a tough task, but I’m confident that in these final seven we have the nation’s very finest examples of what a Best Man should be. I can’t wait to crown the winner! It’s a big job, but these seven guys have shown that they really made the role their own.”

The 7 everyday heroes below pulled out all the stops for their best mates – from overcoming the adversity of a sudden family death, to sourcing two giant Aldabra tortoises as guests of honour at his tortoise-loving mate’s nuptials, and even adding a touch of Hollywood with a personalised message from ‘Anchorman’ star, Paul Rudd. And now they’re battling it out for the ultimate best man title.

John Paterson – Scotland winner. Nominated by Scott Crooks

Britains Best Man 1 - John Paterson nominated by Scott Crooks

Dan Loughlin – Wales winner. Nominated by Gawain Rogers

Britains Best Man 2 - Dan Loughlin nominated by Gawain Rogers

Jonathan Dark – North East winner. Nominated by Peter Grant

Britains Best Man 3 - Jonathan Dark nominated by Peter Grant

Craig Boardman – North West winner. Nominated by Neil Fanning

Britains Best Man 4 - Craig Boardman nominated by Neil Fanning

Spencer Broughton – Midlands winner. Nominated by Alex EB

Britains Best Man 5 - Spencer Broughton nominated by Alex

Jonathan Shildrick – South East winner. Nominated by Rich Hoit

Britains Best Man 6 - Jonathan Shildrick

Sean Keenan – South West winner. Nominated by Thom Brown

Britains Best Man 7 - Sean Keenan

Our final 7 have gone above and beyond for their mate, and are truly top best men. But only one can win the title of Best Best Man. Stay tuned to see who is crowned the winner at our event on the 22 September.

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