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Stag Ideas

An extreme sports stag do in Riga!

Red7 Blogs , January 31, 2017

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For a daring stag do that delivers on fun, thrills and laughs, look no further than Riga. Packed full of extreme sports and activities, epic adventure awaits in the Latvian capital. Riga is brimming with character and culture, and being the largest city in the Baltics, there’s no shortage of thrills and spills that are guaranteed to make a memorable stag weekend for the groom and his best men.

For year-round excitement, Riga is the perfect destination. Whether you’re looking for a wild winter weekend or a short summer spell to celebrate, you’ll find action-packed activities for every season… just don’t let the bride blame us when the groom remembers this one as the best weekend of his life!

With exhilarating experiences all year, it’s easy to see why Riga is one of the most popular Red7 stag destinations. Here are our top picks to guarantee an adrenaline-fuelled getaway, whatever the weather.

The best summer sports for a stag do in Riga

Bungee Jump

There’s no way to take in the fresh air of a foreign country quite like flying through it on a 43-meter drop. Suspended above the breath-taking Gauja River, our bungee jump will send you soaring through the sky like a white wagtail. The perfect way to soak in Latvia’s natural beauty while enjoying the buzz of a freefall, a Riga bungee jump is a brilliantly memorable group experience. Fully kitted out with the latest and safest equipment, and organised by our Good Time Gurus, a Red7 organised jump gives the groom the chance to tie the bungee cord before he ties the knot!

For the fun of the fall without the extreme height, try Riga’s Aerodium. This freefall simulator uses a vertical wind tunnel to allow you to float in mid-air. Don’t save all those moves for the 2am dancefloor, cut shapes in style while hanging out in the Latvian air!

Quad biking

Take the road less travelled on your stag do with a quad biking experience through the Latvian forest. Get a unique look of Latvia through the lens of a safety helmet, as you head into the local Riga wilderness. Heading full steam through the erratic woodland, and with obstacles including pits, climbs and descents, you’ll have to have stomach and wits. Slowest rider buys the first round?

For fans of all things with four-wheels, you’ll love an off-road 4 x 4 experience. Head off into the Latvian forest, as driven by professional instructors, where you’ll zip through the unpredictable terrain and even complete an obstacle course. If having your heart in your mouth isn’t quite enough, then maybe a BBQ in the outback will satisfy your appetite. For the most daring, and sober, among you, there’s even an opportunity to take the wheel!

Rock climbing

Riga Extreme Sports Stag Do 2 Rock Climbing

A sure-fire way to get pulses racing in your group – scale your way across the Riga rocks. Offering various climbing routes, we can cater to every member of the party, regardless of their previous experience. Test your nerves on a scenic yet steep rock climbing route, and there are also trapeze ropes on site if you and your mates have the bottle. Work together or challenge your mates to a bit of competition on the rocks.

Get your thrills from towering heights? Head over to Akvaparks water parks, where the rides are terrifyingly tall, but always full of fun. The ultimate summer activity, an assortment of waterslides will add a splash of excitement to any holiday. Be sure to check out the Kamikadze, an extreme slide that will have your hearts racing faster than the most competitive swimmer in your group. Give the groom a dive to remember before he takes the real plunge.


Not as extreme, but certainly just as fun, a canoe trip will provide you with some much-needed down time as you glide through the stunning Old Town of Riga. A great place to have some team time with your group before the night’s activities, or just to return the heart rate to normal in between your other extreme sports! This relaxing canoe experience makes for the perfect bonding trip.

We understand there’s no rest for the wicked, so if you have no time to take a break from all the high-adrenaline daytime activities, you can still take part in some relaxing sightseeing on a Riga night kayak. The Daugava river and Riga Canal are the ideal places to kick back and chat about the world and the universe with the boys before ‘the big day’.

Riga’s winter sporting stag do thrills

Riga Extreme Sports Stag Do 3 Snowboarding

Snowmobile safari

Who says you have to stay indoors in the winter? In Riga, winter brings the opportunity for a whole new catalogue of extreme sports. Race along the snow-covered Latvian countryside on a powerful snowmobile, and test your bravery as you navigate the vehicle and the weather conditions. With two party members per snowmobile, this is the perfect activity to let your competitive side take over, and rule the roost in Riga.

For an authentic Latvian spin on your snow trek, check out the traditional Husky dog sled. You’ll love the buzz of zipping over the Latvian snow, being pulled by a team of powerful pups. These weather-dependant tours predominantly take place from December to March – the perfect time for a winter weekend away.


The ultimate extreme sport for any thrill seeker, our bobsleigh experiences in Riga take place on the official national team track. Tear down the Olympic-standard sized bobsleigh track at blistering speeds, and get a feel for the awesome winter sport. Completely safe, and using the leisure version of the bob, which is padded, navigate the tricky track in this truly breath-taking winter sport.

And if you can’t get enough of the snowy sports in Latvia’s capital, then turn to the more traditional snowboarding and skiing opportunities. Guaranteed snow in the winter, skiing and snowboarding are a staple sport in Latvia, and Riga holds host to a variety of slopes with all degrees of difficulty. Show off your skills in a competitive clash with your stag party, or get a quick adrenaline boost before you head off for your night on the town.

Taking a break from the extreme activities?

Guided bar crawl

How better to explore a new city than a guided tour through its liveliest pubs and bars. Armed with a guide who specialises in making incredible nights happen, you’ll be ready to hit the town and send the groom off in sensational style. Ending up in a night club, you can soak up the Latvian nightlife (and anything else you can get your hands on!) with all the boys.

Live sports and bars

Running with the sport theme of the stag do, why not take in a live professional hockey game at the Arena Riga? The passionate Latvian pastime is the ideal way to keep the competitive buzz going into the evening. If you’re missing the footy back home then rock up to one of Riga’s many sports, and catch up on the latest scores while you toast a drink (or six!) to the groom-to-be.

Riga Extreme Sports Stag Do 4 Beers beers beers


Whether you’re refuelling from an activity-packed day, or prefuelling for a night on the town, there’s nothing quite like a steak dinner with the boys. Enjoy a Red7-organised three course meal with a prime fillet steak, washed down with a beer, while you prepare for the night’s activities.

If you prefer sampling the local delicacies, we’ve got you covered. Swap the steak for a traditional Latvian three course feast, and get a real taste of what Riga has to offer.

Stag kidnap

If you’re desperate to keep those pulses racing long in to the night, why not organise a stag kidnap? With help from one of our Gurus, you can give the groom the fright of his life. The man of the hour will be ‘kidnapped’ and handcuffed before he’s driven away to an ‘unknown’ destination. He’ll have the last laugh though, because when the blindfold is removed he’ll find himself in a gentleman’s club, with all his best mates, enjoying a truly unforgettable night.

Riga Extreme Sports Stag Do 5 Nightlife

If you’re looking for a memorable stag do, packed to bursting with high-octane excitement, then you’ll have a blast in the Baltics. Whenever you’re planning to get together for an unforgettable weekend, Riga offers the ultimate seasonal selection of extreme sports and activities. For help designing the ultimate bespoke stag do to send the groom off in heart-stopping style, get in touch with our Red7 Gurus today. We’ll take care of the boring stuff, so you can just focus on making memories that will last a lifetime with people that mean the most to you.

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