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Stag Ideas

Actors face the naked truth for stag movie

Red7 , March 6, 2014

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A bunch of thespians had to man-up for a new movie about a stag do.

The plot of The Stag revolves around self-confessed metrosexual Fionan (Hugh O’Conor) who is reluctantly dragged into a hiking stag do by best man  Davin (Andrew Scott of Sherlock fame). The involvement of alpha-male brother-in-law-to-be, known only as ‘The Machine’ (Peter McDonald), kickstarts a tale of  friendship, fear, and male bonding .

The movie was shot in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains in Ireland, in November, and for two weeks the cast were called on to wear  next to nothing.

Writer/director John Butler insisted on a ‘no-moan policy’ throughout the shoot.

He said: “None of them died and that which does not kill you makes you closer.”

Butler said the actors had worked together before and so took their clothes off with a “bonding-through-freezing-naked-in-the-woods” pride.

Hugh O’Connor said: “There was some jealousy. Michael Legge, who plays a character called Little Kevin, is very toned and he didn’t tell us beforehand until we were all stripping down and we were like ‘why wasn’t this known?’ I would have done a lot more crunches.”

John Butler said: “Irish men are fascinatingly mad, and in The Stag these Irish men learn that sometimes, the manly thing to do is to tell another man you love him. Sometimes, it is braver and more masculine for a man to show his feelings and cry in front of his friends; sometimes, a real man admits to his mistakes and learns to apologize to the woman he loves. And sometimes, you need to strip down to your barest essence to remember what manhood really is.”

The Stag will open nationwide at cinemas in Ireland tomorrow and in the UK in VUE cinemas on March 14.


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