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Stag Ideas

5 Of The Ultimate Stag Pranks Perfect For Your Stag Weekend

Red7 Blogs , April 1, 2016

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Every year stags around the world set records for the best pranks! What is a stag weekend without a very elaborate and carefully thought out prank on the groom? And what is a stag weekend if it doesn’t include some ridiculous stitch ups along the way? As the groom’s friends you should take it upon yourself to make sure there is at least one awesome prank at some point on the weekend. If the stag do is happening soon then just make sure this one is EPIC. We’re not talking just changing the clocks or the old cling film over the toilet trick; we mean the ultimate pranks that you’ll be talking about on stag weekends and nights for years to come. Top pranks also make top speech material for the best man to share on the wedding day.

Here’s a list of pros and cons for a few that we thought may or may not entertain you and the lads on your trip away. We’re not talking full on Jackass style pranks circa 2000; after all, you all want to go home to your wives and girlfriends in one piece. You also need to make sure the groom makes it to his wedding with all his limbs and eyebrows etc., especially if you’re the best man as it’s pretty much your responsibility.


Pranked Stag with Bleached Hair

We’ve all heard the stories of the groom getting his head, or worse, eyebrows being shaved weeks before he’s meant to be marrying the love of his life. Or the groom bleaching his best mate’s hair so he looks like a cross between Eminem and Nicki Minaj – this is not a not good look.

Pro: The fact your mate has to walk around looking like a right idiot until his hair grows back or the dye grows out.

Con: You probably know his wife to-be and she’s almost certainly spent the last year honing every detail of her dress, hair and makeup, so that she looks like the most beautiful version of herself. She does not want to be marrying a 90s rapper throwback.


Kidnapped Stag with Rope

If you want to take a more extreme approach to stag night pranks then how about employing someone to kidnap the groom, throw him in a car boot or the back of a van and take him on a little impromptu road trip?

Pro: He’ll be out of your hair for a few hours and you can continue the merriment.

Con: You’ll need to be sure that the groom is dumb enough to fall for this type of prank in the first place. You also might want to have a back-up plan, just in case things do get taken a little too seriously the police end up getting involved. No one wants wasting police time down on their record!


No doubt, at some point on the stag do you will find the groom passed out from copious amounts of alcohol consumption. Now’s your chance to add a mock cast to his leg ready for the morning. When he awakes you can feed him a fabricated story about how you ended up in A+E and he found himself with a broken leg.

Pro: This one is hilarious and actually doesn’t really hurt or leave any long lasting effects that could impact the wedding.

Con: The realisation that you lied to him and how angry he’ll be when he has to try and get a plaster cast off his leg. Also you’ve got to get everyone to agree to the same story.



Permanent Marker Friends Prank

via Giphy

We’ve all seen that one episode of Friends when Ross and Rachel get married in Vegas. So why not take inspiration from what they do to each other with permanent marker and unleash your creative side whilst the groom is passed out?

Pro: It’ll be completely hilarious when you’re drawing Harry Potter style glasses round his eyes and a Charlie Chaplin moustache on his top lip.

Con: This stuff really does not wash off easily and someone’s going to have to take the blame when he returns home looking like a doodle book.



Don’t get worried yet, you’re not actually going to lose the groom; the bride would KILL you. You’re just going to let him think you’ve lost him, or perhaps he’s turned up to the completely wrong destination. Make sure everyone is in on the joke except him and tell him nothing. This one only works if he’s completely clueless.

Pro: The fun here is watching the stag panic and stress how he’s going to get himself out of this situation.  

Con: You have to convince the stag to arrive on his own or it just will not work. And be careful not to drag it out so long that he decides to take himself home and you ruin his stag do completely. Just keep it up long enough to make him sweat…

Lost Stag after Prank

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