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Stag Ideas

10 of the best Stag Do activities in Dublin, Ireland

Red7 , February 4, 2016

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Red7 are massive fans of the Dublin Stag Weekend scene, and it’s easy to see why. Different enough from your usual cities to be a brand new experience, but only an hour’s flight away so you can fit maximum fun into a weekend – a total crowd pleaser! Of course if you’re going to go, you have to go all out, so let Red7 be your guide and check out our top 10 Stag Do locations in Dublin.


Dublin Brewery Tour

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Dublin, aka Publin is famed for its Irish pubs which can be found around the world from Baku to Bangkok. For over 250 years a mighty pint has outsold all others, with its delicious burnt flavour and thick, creamy head. Come and see where the Guinness story started and pick up a few pints on our Dublin Brewery Tour. You get a full on tour of the brewing, testing, advertising, serving and, most importantly, tasting that takes place to create one of the world’s favourite beers. Cheers!


Dublin Comedy Club

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The Irish are also world famous for their cracking sense of humour and have produced well known comedy greats such as Dara Ó Briain, Chris O’Dowd, Ed Byrne and the cast of Father Ted. Ireland is packed full of professional jokers and the place to go to see them at their best is one of the city’s comedy clubs. We can get you the hottest tickets to see the biggest acts live, and with comedy nights in Dublin taking place every day of the week you’re sure to satisfy even the most serious stand up fans. Loads of the Comedy Clubs in Dublin also open the dancefloor after the acts have finished and keep the bar open all night for even more fun for your money.


Not feeling too fresh after overdoing the Guinness? This is the perfect experience for those who like it wet and wild, whilst also being a great bonding activity to get the wolf pack howling together. You’ll face weirs, rapids, bridges and natural obstacles whilst enjoying the Irish scenery. No white water rafting experience is complete without a trip to the pub to quench that thirst and satisfy that hunger you’ve worked up over 3 hours of panicked paddling.


Channel your inner Roy Keane with a special bubble based version of the beautiful game. Headbutts and shoulder barges change from being 3 match ban worthy to part of the game as you’re cocooned in a giant inflatable zorb. With no sense of balance and the chances of cartwheeling off in any direction when the tackles fly in, it’s a challenge to take a proper touch, let alone score. Bubble Football  is more about the sheer amount of laughs than the final score so it’s ideal for anyone regardless of talent.


Dublin Distillery Tour

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The alcoholic education continues with a tour of a top Irish whiskey distiller. Red7 offers a Whiskey Tour, a Whiskey Tasting Session or the option of combining both to really get into the spirit of things. Barrels of fun, and of course some great tasting shots. We’d recommend doing this early on in your Dublin stag weekend to really appreciate what you’re drinking for the rest of the stag do.


Follow in the footsteps of some Irish golfing greats like Rory McIlroy and Padraig Harrington with a few rounds on the golf course. Thankfully you don’t need a full set of clubs or a Danish former world No 1 tennis champion as your ex to appreciate the fairways and bunkers – you can go totally hands free with a spot of footgolf.  Kick a football sized football into a football sized hole whilst trying to avoid wet and sandy hazards and wet and muddy forfeits.


Pack your shamrocks and horseshoes and head off to the dog track to make the most of the luck of the Irish. Throw in a few drinks and dinner and you’re set for a fantastic night, whether you win or lose. Greyhound Racing is the absolute dogs’ and a great way to get to know the rest of the party before it’s too loud to chat at the club later on.


Dublin Lap Dance Club

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After a weekend of drinking traditional beers in traditional pubs, continue your cultural Odyssey with that old Stag tradition, the Lap Dancing Club.  Appreciate the beautiful girls and surprisingly sophisticated setting, made better with the promise of a dance and a drink from Dublin’s best exotic dancers. There’s no better or more justifiable time to enjoy a bit of lap dancing than on a stag weekend so make sure it’s on the itinerary!


This might be too cultural, but a twenty minute train journey takes you to Howth, a great fishing/harbour village on the northside of Dublin. You can make the lads walk up the hill (called Howth Head) and then reward them with a pint and some fish and chips in the great local establishments. Why not turn it into a treasure hunt with top prizes for the winners, and even better forfeits for the losers?


Dublin Irish Dancing

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If you go to Dublin and don’t plan on a proper Irish pub crawl then we’ll make you go back and do it all again. The pubs are fantastic for world class Irish food, drink, sports, and music. Red7’s huge shortlist includes Temple Bar (where the party is definitely at, all the time), O’Donoghues (For the real Irish experience), The Stags Head (for obvious reasons) and The Cobblestone (Traditional Irish live music? Yes please). We’ll sort out entry to these venues and a great warm up act with our Pre-Club Bar trip.

There’s way more to Dublin than we can possibly cover in one blog and we’re always discovering cracking new experiences to make your Stag Weekend top notch. Red7 are experts in all things Dublin and we have more details on all of these locations and more so contact us today on 01273 872200 or

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