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Your Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don’ts

Rob Reaks , July 5, 2019

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Your Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don’ts. Here at Red7 we’ve been organising epic stag and hen parties for decades, we’ve seen and heard it all. Don’t spoil your BIG weekend by making some common and not so common mistakes! We are here to help you with Your Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don’ts.

From making sure your money is safe (we’re members of ABTA, IATA and ATOL protected) to making sure you chose the right activities, here are our top stag and hen do dos and don’ts. So, don’t go it alone, call in the experts at Red7 and you’re on your way to the perfect hen do or stag party! 01273 872200 – we’re waiting to hear from you! Red7, Serious About Fun.

Your Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don’ts-Our Stag and Hen Do Dos

Book in advance

One BIG ‘do’ is to book with lots of time to spare. There are multiple advantages to doing this! Often companies charge more for bookings closer to the holiday date. So booking in advance can actually save you large amounts of money. This makes the difference with big groups where every penny counts! Also the closer to the hen or stag date, the less availability there will be. All the good activities and accommodations may be fully booked. Leaving you with the leftovers that nobody wants! This especially applies to the busier months (May and June). If you want to find out more visit here.

Book with Red7. The best stag and hen do providers.

Book with Red7. Red7 are great hen and stag providers. We happily provide you with: amusing transfers, beautiful accommodation, exhilarating activities, drink and luscious food. We are very affordable! Our prices are reasonable and can be paid in instalments. At Red7 our sales team cares about you. This contrasts with other companies who just like to sell you their product. We love to get to know you first! We are very safe to travel with as we are ATOL and ABTA protected. Also we have 32 years of experience. You may prefer to call speak to one of our friendly advisers or book your stag/hen via our easy website. We are open from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday and even on Saturday 9am to 6pm. This means we are very available to book with and we fit in with your work schedule. You may even email regarding enquiries:) 

Bring hangover help! For a better stag and hen do party!

I am certain you know that hangovers can be hell! You shouldn’t let this stop you. Whilst away you are likely to be drinking a LOT of alcohol. Meaning the pain you feel the morning after can be unbelievable. Therefore you will want to take things that will help reduce the effects felt the next morning. You will be doing day activities and will need to not be hanging! So you drunken messes, make sure you drink lots of water! Have a healthy breakfast including lots of vitamins or one containing lots of grease! I know which one I would prefer. One common hangover fixer, which i personally do myself, is consuming a tangerine, a spoonful of sugar and some ginger. I may not know how these remedies work, but at least I know that they do work! To find out some other ways and how they work visit here.

stag and hen do dos and don'ts

Check every one’s budget! With us the stags and hens go free

Stags and Hens can be expensive. Before going and booking everything VIP or buying world class strippers and cheeky butlers, check everybody’s budget. Some people may not be able to afford the higher end weekends away. It is totally worth checking in with the people you are going away with and before you start planning check everyone’s budget. But just remember, if a budget is low it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an excellent time! Also having an idea of the budget available will help your provider to try to keep costs close to the budget. It is also worth taking a good amount of spending money as you never know what you will find! You just never know what you will run into during your hens or stags! Get a quick enquiry here.

Plus, with our interest-free monthly instalment plans, you can spread the cost over many months.

CHECK REVIEWS! Stag and hen do reviews can be important.

Always and I mean always, look at a company’s reviews before booking with them. It can tell you a lot about the quality of who you are booking with. It tells you things like popular destinations, the quality of accommodation and what people rate you as a company. Personally I always check out a company’s ratings before booking with them. It just gives an extra piece of mind and feeling of security. If the reviews are very poor then I know to steer clear of the site. And look into booking with someone else.  Check out our EXCELLENT TrustPilot reviews here.

Your Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don'ts

Do be cautious when booking activities

Sometimes you may just be so excited by an activity to you don’t stop to look at the details. Price isn’t usually the problem with the activity. The main problem is the length of the activity or the time it takes to get there. The worst thing is unexpected times on activities. Some activities may take all day leaving no time for other things to do. Another problem is having to get the bus for an hour or so in the extreme heat. Trust me it’s very unpleasant. Just make sure you double check for things like times and travel lengths. You do not want to miss activities due to poor planning. So make sure you check for any hidden times! Take some time to look at our activities.

Your Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don'ts

Flights must suit everyone

Make sure that you check in with everyone what flight times are okay. Many people have very busy jobs and may struggle to get off from work too early. Make sure you are considerate towards your friends and that all of them are okay with the times. You also don’t want to arrive at your accommodation too early. You may be waiting in the burning heat for large amounts of time if you get to your place to early. Yes you may desire large amounts of heat just not when you have got all your luggage with you. Also make sure you do not arrive too late. Every hour can count during your short but action packed trip! Most guests arrive and then go out and party straight away. Personally I think that’s the way to do it! Check for flights today.

Your Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don'ts

Our Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don’ts – the ‘don’ts’

Make sure you’re protected! One of the biggest don’ts.

DON’T book with companies that are not ABTA or ATOL protected.  ATOL (which stands for Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) is a UK financial protection scheme and it protects most air package holidays sold by travel businesses. ABTA can provide advice to do with the package holiday you are booking. So that if any problems arise then you can easily talk to them. Having both these protection schemes can save you from being exploited or ripped off when booking your holiday. As well as stress free holiday, it is nice to have a stress free booking. This becomes much easier when companies have these accreditations. 

Your Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don'ts

Keep the party dates away from the wedding

DON’T book the holiday too close to the wedding date! Hens and stags can take a long time to recover from. Especially ones that involve scarring effects. For example my uncle in law came back with no eyebrows! Your friends,who are meant to be the people you trust, will shave your eyebrows off if it’s a good enough laugh for them. Luckily , he had enough time to grow them back before the wedding. There are some worse effects though. With the amount of alcohol you consume is it likely that you can get alcohol poisoning. This can make you ill and not up for a wedding. So you should definitely go a couple months before the wedding. 

Your Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don'ts

Make sure everyone gets along

DON’T invite the wrong people! Always make sure that the stag or hen is happy with the people invited. If any problems arise, after booking, make sure that they are sorted. You are trying to make an experience that you will never be forgotten. Having awkward tension in the group can seriously put a downer on the trip. Well, only when everyone is sober. 

On the beach hen party with Red7

Plan the right activities!

By now you are likely to know the bride or groom very well. Especially because they have chosen you to plan their weekend away. But it may be worth double checking with them that the activities are okay. The worst thing would be planning trips and activities ,that the person your planning for has no interest in. The great thing is that there are so many options when choosing activities. All of them are highly rated and extremely fun. This makes them hard to dislike. So therefore you do not need to worry much! Also, make sure your activities are close enough to get to and that you leave enough time between activities (Red7 can help you create the perfect itinerary! And, we can arrange all the transfers to get you to/from each activity).

Make sure they have made the right decision!

Yes getting strippers or receiving lap dances may not be the most comforting thing for your partner. But that’s something they must deal with. Sometimes it can be taken too far. For example, you shouldn’t encourage the stag or hen to cheat or anything. It may be a good idea to bring one fairly sensible person to insure nothing along the lines of cheating happens. As you might know, anything can happen on a weekend away! To make sure this doesn’t happen, you must make sure the person getting married is 100% sure they are making the correct decision. This will result in them being less likely to be unfaithful. Look at some of the worst horror stories here.

Be sensible (but not too sensible)

DON’T get arrested! Some bad things can happen on weekends away! It’s an easy time to do something crazy and irrational! Everyone is very drunk and not being very sensible. This is okay as long as you don’t take it too far. Sometimes stags and hens may do something silly that can lead to them being arrested. During one hen do one of the girls thought an actual police man was a stripper. This didn’t go down too well with them, as you may be able to guess. All I advice you to do is be a little bit careful and have fun in ways that will not get you in trouble.   

beach party hen or stag do

Your Stag and Hen Do Dos And Don’ts….One of the largest don’ts: travelling blind.

DON’T take trips to places that you know nothing about. Sometimes you can arrive at the accommodation and not know anything about the surrounding area. It may be a good idea to ring your holiday creator and enquire about the area you will be saying. That’s if they haven’t already told you. It’s great to find out about bars, restaurants and supermarkets that are near.

Knowing all this can add to the greatness of your experience as you have a sense of freedom from staying in the complex all day. But for the most part it’s not overly important as you will be provided with transfers from activities. And also friendly staff are happy to offer their services to help you get from place to place safely. Visit us at Red7.

Stag or hen do party on the beach

DON’T delay, call us today! Ready to talk? We’re here….01273 872200. UK or Overseas, last minute or planned well in advance, with Red7 you’re in safe hands.

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