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Why Carlos Tevez is unlikely to organise a stag weekend in Manchester

Red7 , July 18, 2011

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Carlos TevezCarlos Tevez is rumoured to be on the brink of signing for Brazilian club, Corinthians. The question is: Why is he so adamant on leaving Manchester?

Tevez recently was recorded on an Argentinian chat show where he spoke out about his opinions of Manchester. In the interview he said, “There is nothing to do”, “There are two restaurants” and “everything is small and it rains all the time”.

Now I’m all for stereotyping but, “everything is small” is surely an unfounded exaggeration. I’m sure the men of Manchester will be particularly outraged.

To you and me it’s hard to comprehend Tevez’s dislike with this city, a city widely regarded as the 2nd city. So what does everyone see that Tevez does not?

Manchester’s image has been on the rise since it’s rejuvenation in the 90s. Today Manchester has the reputation of having a great nightlife as well as being complimented by cultural hot-spots.

Manchester’s Northern Quarter (NQ) has risen to become ‘The Camden of the North’. The defining music and fashion scenes beat through the city from the heart of this contemporary area. This fashionable hub is being dubbed as the ‘place-to-be’ for the vibrant individual – boasting it’s own bohemian personality it is easy to see why.

With the Argentinian star on a reported £286,000/week, does it mean that he can’t appreciate what us ‘regular folk’ would jump at? His opinion that there are two restaurants is absurd, I know for a fact that all major fast-food outlets are represented in Manchester. However, there are some fantastic restaurants in the NQ and throughout Manchester which demonstrate a large choice of cuisine which accents the cultural diversity.

So, ignore Tevez and get you and your mates on a Manchester stag weekend to see what all the fuss is about.

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