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Who’s your funniest hen?

Red7 , February 5, 2015

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We launched one of our favourite competitions ever in November, searching for funny hen do photos that many would prefer to keep stashed away. But with a weekend break for two up for grabs, we’ve giggled our way through entries from across the country. From Durham to Bristol we’ve seen it all!

By appealing to the UK’s latest newlyweds, brides-to-be and pesky bridesmaids we managed to get some amazing entries. From naked life drawing classes to elaborate fancy dress costumes, we loved them all and it was great to get a behind the scenes look at what really goes on during hen dos.

So while we’re deciding who is officially the ‘UK’s Funniest Hen’, we thought we’d share our ten finalists and some of the amusing stories behind them.

Becky Jubb, from Jersey, appears as only a pair of legs in her photo, taken on her big night out in Brighton: “We had a private booth with its own ball pool. I spent more or less four hours flinging myself backwards into it, hence the ‘mid-fling’ photo.”

Hen Competition 1

Zoe Holland, from Uckfield, spent her hen do in Val D’Isere: “I was five months pregnant for my hen, so the dress up theme became ‘Knocked Up’. I had friends turn up for the journey with their ‘bumps’, so the staff were helping them with their bags and there was I, the genuine pregnant one, being ignored! The girls really threw themselves into it and became pole dancing, belly licking, bottom grinding, bling-wearing monsters!”

Hen Competition 2

Jen Webb, from Chippenham, was blindfolded by her friends until they reached a mystery location in Bristol: “I got led up a slope and taken into this room and sat down, and all I can hear is people sniggering… The blindfold is pulled off my head and I’m confronted with a stark naked man showing me his crown jewels and everything else with the biggest grin on his face! Apparently I screamed and went bright red. They all then explained that we were having a life drawing class.

“At the end of the class we all had to concentrate on one area of the model and draw it. I went for his face and it was a good job I did, as the maid of honour kept the picture and used it in the wedding speeches!”

Hen Competition 6

Hannah Cummings, from Bristol, had her outfit kept under wraps until the do: “My cousins had arranged my hen weekend and the outfit I wore was a total surprise. I knew nothing until the night and was forced to wear a nun costume and carry a big blow up willy with me all night!”

Hen Competition 7


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See all of the hilarious entries on our Facebook page here. Which photo is your favourite? Show your support for your favourite entry by sharing this post and naming your winner on Facebook or Twitter. Tweet us @Red7Leisure

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