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Hen Ideas

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

Rob Reaks , September 20, 2019

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Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign? Fire (passionate), water (emotional), earth (grounded) and air (rational), but what more does the Hen’s star sign tell you about her perfect hen party weekend? We’ve created some zodiac-inspired suggestions for where to take your Bestie on her hen do, whether here in the UK or overseas.

We’ve been creating award-winning stag and hen dos for over 30 years, we’re proud members of ABTA, the UK Travel Association, and we’re rated Excellent on Trust Pilot. We’re here to make your life easy, with loads of great ideas – tons of destinations and hundreds of activities, all tried-and-tested for your peace of mind. Give us a call and let’s get your party started. 01273 872200 or go ONLINE.

Aquarius January 20 – February18

Passionate and quirky, cultured, idealistic and living on the fringes. The perfect Hen Do for Aquarius is one of the more difficult to get right. How about a City Break to Berlin? Berlin has been the stage for a lot of world history and not just the fall of the Berlin Wall. You can still discover the traces of history in countless places around the capital. Besides luxury shops along Kurfurstendamm, you will also want to check out the numerous flea markets around the capital. For a UK hen do weekend, head to Bath perhaps?

Built for pleasure and relaxation, beautiful Bath has been a well-being destination since Roman times. The waters are still a big draw, both at the ancient Roman Baths and the thoroughly modern Thermae Bath Spa, which houses the only natural thermal hot springs in Britain you can bathe in.

Bath’s compact, visitor-friendly centre is overflowing with places to eat and drink, plus some of the finest independent shops in Britain, making it the ideal city break. Immerse yourself in Bath’s remarkable collection of museums and galleries, and enjoy year-round festivals, theatre, music and sports.

Bath Hen Do weekend with Red7
Bath, UK

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign….Pisces February 19 – March 20 

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign? Keep the itinerary flexible for this Hen, she won’t like sticking to a set schedule. Pisces are rarely bored, they keep busy, just a little chaotically. Find somewhere where there’s lots to do, on a whim. Try Budapest or Prague perhaps, or closer to home somewhere lively like Liverpool, Manchester or Leeds? (Did you know that Liverpool is the TOP hen destination in the UK?)

Hen Do in Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
Red7 Hen Do in Liverpool
Liverpool, UK

Aries March 21 – April 19

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

Adventure and excitement is the order of the day for this Hen. Get off the beaten track, indulge in authentic cuisine and activities. Get your Squad on a white-water rafting experience in Krakow perhaps? In a city like Krakow, at once beautiful and hedonistic, riddled with curious cafes as much as historically-rich architecture, where revellers party the night away under the looming shadows of fairy-tale gothic spires and medieval castles, and there’s never any shortage of things to do for the fun-hungry Hens, it should come as no surprise that more and more groups have been visiting every year, for that last blast before the big day. For a UK-based hen do weekend, maybe head over to Brum and sample the unbeatable curries of Birmingham’s famous ‘Curry Mile’? Take a thrilling off-road experience or visit the Black Country Living Museum, one of the filming locations for Birmingham-based Peaky Blinders.

Hen Do in Krakow
Peaky Blinders

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign…Taurus March 22 – May 20

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign? Well, your Taurus Hen is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. So, this beauty loving and hedonistic Taurean Hen will love everything Ibiza has to offer her. Stunning scenery combined with a free-spirited party mood, all acts of love and pleasure are her rituals. You’re going to have an amazing hen do with this lady!  If you’re looking a little closer to home, try a Bristol hen weekend, where the nightlife is rocking and the group-friendly bars and clubs will give you the backdrop for a hedonistic weekend of fun!

O Beach, Ibiza

Gemini May 21 – June 20

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

A Gemini Hen is the ultimate social butterfly, so a quiet holiday on a remote island will not do for her! This Hen loves dancing and parties, so her perfect Hen Do Weekend destination is going to be Ibiza for the pool parties (O Beach is THE place to be!) or Marbella for the beach clubs, including our favourites La Sala and Puro Beach. Closer to home, try Brighton. This vibrant and cosmopolitan city loves to party and she’ll love the quirky edginess of the City by the Sea. Your Gemini Hen will love the chance to dress up and show off, this is one Hen party you’re all going to remember! 

La Sala by the Sea, Marbella, Spain
red7 hen do or stag party in Brighton
Brighton, UK

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign…Cancer June 21 – July 22

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

With the Cancer star sign, this is a quiet-loving Hen. So, get her away from busy tourist areas, preferably somewhere near the sea. Overseas, try a gorgeous hill-top villa in Portugal – Albufeira enjoys some of the best weather on The Algarve, plus there’s a great night life for the rest of the group who will want something to do at night! So, a hen party in Albufeira is going to be perfect. It’s our number one destination for Hens, for good reason. Or, if you’re celebrating a little closer to home, for a UK-based hen do weekend why not rent a cosy cottage in North Cornwall and enjoy the miles of beautiful sandy beaches Devon and Cornwall have to offer?

deal of the week albufeira
Albufeira, Algarve region, Portugal
Newquay, Cornwall, UK

Leo July 23 – Aug 22

Hen do ideas for cancer zodiac sign

“Born Free” is Leo’s motto, and she won’t like being told what to do! Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign? For Leo it’s a case of no surprises; the whole trip will be pre-agreed, thank you very much! It’s not that Leo is ungrateful, just extremely self-assured and totally in charge of her life! But, she’ll be the first on the dance floor and she loves the action! Try a Hen Do in Benidorm, action-packed days make way for an exciting nightlife that will keep you all on your feet till the early hours! For a UK-based hen party weekend, try Bournemouth – loads of out-of-town adventure activities, plus an unbeatable nightlife that is geared to groups. During the day, take your hens to the beach to enjoy stretches of golden sand and thrilling water sports. 

Benidorm, Spain
Bournemouth, UK

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign…Virgo Aug 23 – September 22

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

Health and well-being are important to the Virgo Hen. So, it has to be a spa and pamper weekend, try the fabulous Leonardo Royal Hotel near Tower Bridge, London. Overseas, head to Lisbon where the opportunities to explore by day and night are a nice distraction from all that relaxation! Virgo does like to be constantly wowed, try the many art galleries, including Museu Calouste Gulbenkian – one of Europe’s finest private art and artefact collections. Lisbon is not only one of sunniest cities in Europe, the temperature rarely dropping below 15c, but it is also one of the safest. The city boasts a wonderful mixture of tradition and a cosmopolitan “buzz”, where you feel at ease wandering the streets day and night sightseeing or shopping til you drop! 

Pool and spa at Leonardo Royal London
Lovely Lisbon with Red7
Lisbon, Portugal.

Libra September 23 – October 22

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

Your Libra Hen thrives on fun, laughter and beauty.  Keep things light for her and build in plenty of time to chill. Don’t try to hard to please her, let’s keep this simple; somewhere beautiful, with a day at sea on your own private boat charter, delicious food and trendy bars? Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign? For your Libra hen it has to be Tenerife, which is blessed with year round sunshine. For the stay-at-home Hens, try Edinburgh; steeped in history, with its stunning architecture and art galleries – take it at a leisurely pace, you’ll be able to relax as you explore (and there are plenty of great restaurants and bars in the Royal Mile!).

Tenerife, Canary Islands
Edinburgh Royal Mile, Scotland

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign…Scorpio October 23 – November 21

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

Scorpio girls love all things spooky and magical, so take a trip to Eastern Europe where the Gothic architecture and castles will fascinate and thrill. Enjoy a Hen Do in Bratislava perhaps? The Slovakian castle dominates the city skyline and if you only have time to take in one sight, make it this one. On a good day, enjoy a drink and the view from the ramparts. For the spirit drinkers, Slovakia is the proud producer of Slivovica; it has been claimed that it is Europe’s answer to tequila… when in Rome. Or, why not head to Sussex for Tully’s Farm Shocktober Fest in October, it’s the world famous Scream Park, the UK’s number one Halloween Event*. Something a bit different, and definitely spooky! (*Not for the faint-hearted)

Bratislava, Slovakia
Tully’s Farm, Sussex

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign, if she’s a Sagittarius she’ll be a fee-spirited bohemian, who’s easy going and friendly. For her Hen Party you need to find somewhere a bit different, not overrun by tourists. Try travelling outside the peak tourist seasons. Did you know, during February London tourist numbers drop to almost half the number who hit the Capital during July. And, overseas Barcelona starts to calm down in October when the locals feel that they have finally reclaimed their city after the busy summer season. It’s a totally different atmosphere, whilst retaining that vibrant charm and sophisticated buzz.

Barcelona Hen Do
Barcelona, Spain
Top UK Hen and Stag Do Cities
London, UK

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign…Capricorn December 22 – January 19

Where to travel based on your zodiac star sign

Her tough personality doesn’t go through to her core; inside she’s emotional and sensitive – it may not be so easy to tell what she wants or if she’s having fun, but a Hen Party with close friends will make her happy. How about a gorgeous Villa holiday in Marbella – we’ll send the entertainment to you, breakfast cooked by your very own chef, a day by the pool with a local DJ, cocktail making and an evening BBQ. For a UK Hen Party, try Nottingham? This vibrant city is packed with great Hen Do Activities – visit Sherwood Forest then head into the city for a relaxing afternoon tea before hitting the busy bars and night clubs in town

Marbella, Spain
Nottingham, UK

Book your Hen Do in the UK or overseas with Red7, the Hen Party Travel Experts. We’re here to make your life a lot easier! 01273 872200

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