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What do men really think about popping the question?

Red7 , May 22, 2014

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Every woman has a  different ideas about how she would like to be proposed to.

Most , even if they don’t like to admit it, spend a significant amount of time fantasising about their man finally popping the question, whether it be a simple restaurant and champagne affair, a spur of the moment drop to one knee or a meticulously planned proposal in an exotic country with a trail of rose petals through a hotel bedroom.

We asked a group of single, engaged and married men about how they feel about proposing and the results were rather surprising. It turns out that most men give a lot of thought to how they will pop the question long before they plan on doing it and when it comes to romantic ideas they are far more creative with their romantic proposal ideas than we had expected. Just don’t mention nerves.

The camp seemed pretty divided on whether an extravagant public proposal or a private intimate one was preferable. One man admitted that he couldn’t think of anything worse than a public display of affection and that asking his girlfriend to be his wife in front of a room full of strangers of family would completely ruin the intimacy and gravity of the moment. Others favoured the tried and tested restaurant and champagne proposal, but all seemed to agree that the local steak house wasn’t good enough. The restaurant would have to be in a stunning rooftop location or at least in another country. One man asked swore he would never accept anything less than popping the question in a hot air balloon.

Proposing on holiday was the most popular method of proposal amongst the men asked, which was promising. One man asked his fiancé to marry him in a hotel restaurant on holiday in Norway whilst another did it on a cycling holiday in Spain after they had both just reached the summit of a mountain.

Meticulous planning was another trend amongst our romantic suitors. One man planned to take his girlfriend on a romantic Valentine’s Day break to New York (Valentine’s Day was another popular choice) and proposed with a cupcake in Central Park before taking his girlfriend straight to Tiffany’s to buy the ring.

Yet for one man , planning every detail of his proposal didn’t quite workout. He took his girlfriend to Thailand with the intention of proposing at sunset on a beautiful white sandy beach. He spent days researching the most beautiful beaches in Thailand but spent two weeks in Thailand unable to find the ‘perfect’ moment. On the last day of the holiday he took his girlfriend to one of the tallest roof terrace restaurants in the world but was too scared of the height to pluck up the courage. He suggested a cocktail in a bar after walking like a nervous crab past the glass walls of the terrace and ended up dropping to one knee, slightly drunk, in the corner of a crowded bar. It’s the thought that counts though, right?

Finally, the most surprising result of the survey was the amount of men who would prefer to propose in bed. Yes ladies, under-the-sheet proposals are on the rise. One man said he left the engagement ring on the pillow and waited for his girlfriend to wake up and see it. Another said that he wanted to propose to his partner when she was in bed with the flu to prove that he loved  her no matter what.

So what have we learned from this? Firstly, men are really rather slushy when it counts the most. And judging by the amount of stories about forgetting to breathe from nerves or being unable to pluck up the courage, men place just as much importance on the proposal as us girls do and are mostly terrified about getting it wrong.

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