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Weird and Wonderful Weddings

Red7, August 29, 2012

We’ve seen some eccentric weddings in our time however, we never get bored of seeing people do things differently from dates, to proposals to weddings.

The latest to catch our attention is a couple from California who decided to take things to a whole new level of original with a wedding on the water, wearing jet packs. At Newport beach, the adventurous couple Grant Engler and Amanda Volf attached themselves to jetpacks and got shot up to about 6 feet in the air before coming to shore to take their vows. Wonder what they’re going to do for there stag or hen party! For adventurous people like Grant, we’d recommend an equally active and unique idea like a stag do in Riga where he could get stuck into snowmobiling or bobsleighing.

Our favourite eccentric couple who decided to take their love to new heights (couldn’t resist) this week though were Bob Ewing and Antonie Hodge who exchanged their vows at the top of the 900 foot mountain of Seneca Rocks in California…having rock climbed up…in full wedding regalia!

Bob proposed to Antonie when they were rock climbing up Seneca Rocks so it seemed only right they’d get married at the top of it…of course. With the rock only being accessible by rock climbing, they only had 5 wedding guests, one of which was Antonie’s mother who said;

“I did it for all the old people out there!”

Too right; what a trooper!

Even if you’re not a climbing extremist and you don’t like the idea of making your vows by climbing to the top of huge mountain, it still makes for a great stag do idea. Try ice climbing in Reykjavik or keep it more local and go rock climbing in Edinburgh; there’s no excuses – if Antonie’s mother can climb a 900ft mountain, you can too!

Check out the jetpack wedding ceremony here;

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