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Dress stress? Groom gloom? Crowdsource your wedding for success

Red7 , July 17, 2014

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The months leading up to one of the happiest and most important days of your life are fraught with all manner of tough decisions. Engaged couples faced with the pressure of making sure their wedding goes off without a hitch have to organise everything from the venue, the dress and suits, flowers, catering, cake, decorations. Even the guest list and seating plan alone can be a minefield, testing the most solid of relationships.

Reality TV shows of late have highlighted the stress which comes with planning a wedding, where even the smallest decisions about table centrepieces cans seem like a cream and lilac coloured World War Three.

Popular BBC Three wedding reality show ‘Don’t Tell the Bride,’ features a couple who have their entire nuptials paid for – under the condition that the groom must plan every detail by himself.  The show is often hyper reality, with the couples chosen deliberately for their inability to agree on anything and the groom clearly encouraged behind the scenes to blow the budget  on the stag do or ridiculous props (did anyone see the circus wedding episode?) However the show does capture the stark reality of just how high our expectations of our wedding day are – the tears, tantrums and uncontrollable shaking when the make up artist doesn’t arrive on time say it all.

Imagine if all that wedding planning pressure could be lifted from your shoulders and thrust into the hands of somebody else? Somebody completely impartial? With 25k to spend? Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it?

That’s just what happened to a UK couple this month.

Childhood sweethearts Cara Day and David Giles have handed over their wedding to public vote in the manner of a Big Brother eviction, after winning a competition by toothpaste company, Pearl Drops. The phrase ‘white’ wedding has probably been used at some point.

Still sound like a fairy tale?

Fortunately Pearl Drops have had the foresight to make the voting multiple choice – no tying the knot in McDonalds dressed in bin bags for Mr and Mrs Giles, then. While we’re on the subject, did anyone read about an actual McDonalds wedding in the news this week?

The lucky(?) winners have already had their venue decided for them, the rather beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens in Surrey. This week the wedding planning public can vote on which of three bridal gowns Cara will wear. You can see photographs of Cara posing in the dresses here. They’re all lovely.

Cara and David are reportedly thrilled by the whole process and extremely excited about their all expenses paid £25,000 wedding. And they’re deeply in love. Okay, this may actually be a fairy tale.

The point is that if you have to actually pay for your wedding, planning out the personal details of your big day, when you will commit yourselves to each other in front of your nearest and dearest can be a hugely bonding experience. You get to choose a venue, a dress, the vows, the rings, and all those little details that make your wedding truly special and unique to you.

A big deal, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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