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Topless Touring is the latest travel photo craze

Red7 , June 11, 2014

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We’re all guilty of pulling some ridiculous poses for photographs, especially when the booze is flowing on a hen weekend. Many of us may have tried to pull of a hilarious version of one of these viral photo posing trends below. But finally, there is now a photo craze that suits a hen weekend photo album down to the ground.

First there was the plank…


then there was leisure diving…


then the bizarre photo trend of horsemanning…


But now hens can rejoice, because the latest travel photo craze to take over our social media accounts is the Topless Tour’, a social media initiative encouraging women to take pictures of themselves in front of dramatic landscapes and share them with the world.

Topless Tour 4

‘The Topless Tour’ began in 2012 when three students posted topless travel snaps of themselves  in Norway, New York, Manchester, Berlin and London. They now have 4000 followers on Instagram and get hundreds of topless travel photos sent to their Facebook page from all over the world.

Topless Tour 3

The idea came after the girls, Olivia Edginton, Lydia Buckler and Ingvlid Olsen, decided to take a spontaneous photo of themselves in the freezing cold during a walk around Lake Mjøsa near Olsen’s hometown in Norway.

Topless Tour 2

The girls have described the initiative as a way to feel free and liberated and have since continued to take photographs of themselves topless surrounded by beautiful scenery whilst travelling and inspired many women to do the same.

The Topless Tour has been described not as something raunchy, but for a way to promote a good body image amongst women who can cast their clout in an inspiring location and be united with like-minded people by an incredibly liberating experience.

Would you try a Topless Tour – inspired photo shoot on your hen weekend holiday?

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