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Top Stag Activity Ideas in Torremolinos

Red7 , September 23, 2013

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As we all know, the nightlife in Spain is pretty epic,  from Ibiza’s mega clubs to Madrid’s non-stop partying, not to mention the golden Costa del Sol where awesome towns like Malaga, Marbs, Benalmadena, Fuengirola and of course Torremolinos, leave party goers spoilt for choice.

But for stags in Torremolinos, you’re not only after a guaranteed great night out, you also need some amazing activities to keep your stag weekend revved up and memorable. Luckily, Torremolinos has a whole shed load of popular past-times to both get your adrenaline pumping and give your hangover a respite.


The time honoured tradition of shooting your best man in the back with paintball pellets is alive and well in Torremolinos. It’s the stag activity that everyone knows and loves (up until they get shot anyway) and comes with a burger and beer so you can complete your paintball game with a tasty reward.

Go Karting

Get your mechanics jump suit on and climb into the your new vehicle for the day – the Go Kart – to see who has the skill and ability to keep on the road and get around the course the quickest. Chances are someone’s going to think they’re badass and will end up in the tires, which were a lot of the fun comes from. We can also arrange transport to and from the go karting centre so all you have to worry about is waking up on time.

Beach life

There are six connected beaches along Torremolinos’ 7 km of sandy shoreline for you and your stag pack to take your pick from, although, wherever you go you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the sun beating down and the beautifully clear and warm Mediterranean sea lapping the shores. So, just don’t forget your swimming trunks and your sunnies for this one.

Luxury catamaran cruise

If you want to take to the seas on a luxury boat with the boys then this is the activity for you. The skippered catamaran will take you on a cruise off the nearby shores and allow your party to chill, listen to some tunes, have a drink or two and prepare for the night to come.

Pub crawl

Lastly, once you’ve had the thrill of a paintball splatter on your face, a Go Kart crash, a bit of sun, sea and cruising, it’s time to hit the streets of Torremolinos on the hunt for the pub. Fortunately, there’s a truck tonne for you to stumble to and from before you hit the clubs. Did I mention how good the nightlife is here?

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