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Top 5 Unusual Restaurants in Europe

Red7 , May 28, 2012

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With an ever adventure seeking society, we’re no longer settling for the norm, even when it comes to how and where we eat.

Food might not always be a priority when it comes to a hen or stag party however, with restaurants cropping up left right and centre across Europe and beyond, offering an opportunity to eat in the dark, under the sea or in the sky, there is a quirky and strange restaurant revolution emerging. We reckon it makes for an excellent stag or hen party idea too.

Some more strange than others, here’s our favourites;

Dans Le Noir – London, UK

Dine in a dark room where you can see nothing. When you arrive at the restaurant, you’re guided to your table and from then on, you are visually impaired and you fully rely on your sense of taste. This is a real test of any preconceptions or associations which are made when you can see what you’re eating. On a hen do in London, this is an ideal experience to have with the girls as you will be guaranteed a giggle and a memorable dinner!

S’ Baggers – Nuremberg, Germany 

Using advanced technology, this is a taster of what we might see happening more and more into the future; a completely automated dining experience. With long metal tracks running from the kitchen above, down through to the restaurant that transport the dishes of food to the tables, this is an incredibly innovative restaurant, or, should we say the Olympics of food transport, high speed sausages and all. With touch screens for customers to order from, there’s not a trace of human interaction in sight…not for everyone but definitely a memorable experience.

Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

Originating in Belgium, a huge crane elevates a restaurant table, the diners, the food and waiting staff to the sky 100 feet above the ground. Today, this unique experience is available in 15 nations including Paris with some incredible backdrops. One thing we’re not sure about though…what do you do if you need the loo?!

Hospitalis – Riga, Latvia 

Completely reversing associations we have with the restaurant experience, this venue must be seen to be believed. With the décor based around a hospital theme, staff dressed in doctors and nurses outfits, video clips of famous medical scenes from films on screens around the restaurant, scalpels for eating food with and test tubes to drink cocktails from, this is a truly bizarre dining experience. If you’re feeling really adventurous (or you’re completely bonkers!), you can request to be strapped into a straight jacket and be spoon fed your dinner…just what the doctor ordered?! Or, a brilliant prank for the groom on a stag do in Riga

Le Restophone, Montpellier, France 

Combining a trendy club, a top quality restaurant and sociable experience for single people, at every table in this venue is a telephone with the purpose of communicating with other customers to ask them to dance, buy them a drink or just have a chat; perfect for some cheeky chat up lines if you’re on a stag or hen do (not the groom or bride-to-be though of course!).

So there you have it, forget ordinary dining and combine your stag or hen party with an unforgettable eating experience!

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