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Top 5 Unique Stag Party Activities in Marrakech

Red7 , July 25, 2013

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Morocco Beach Beds Stag Party DestinationWhen someone says ‘let’s have a stag party abroad,’ it’s likely that you and your fellow stags’ first reaction is going to be ‘Yeah!’ or ‘Let’s do it bro!’ or something to that effect. However, it is also very unlikely that the stag do destination that jumps first to everyone’s heads is ‘North Africa.’ The exciting city of Marrakech in Morocco however, is an ideal stag do destination with heaps of activities and some truly unique experiences. There’s a reason why legends such as the The Rolling Stones and The Beatles considered it their hedonistic, exotic Shangri La in the 1960s, and today Marrakech has firmly staked it’s place in the 21st century. Put Marrakech on the top of your stag weekend destinations list now – and while you’re at it take a peruse through these:

Get lost in The Souks

The Marrakech souks are an overwhelming, smoky, chaotic labyrinth with something beautiful, mad, delicious, very valuable or downright disgusting around every corner. Try your hands at haggling for knock off designer gear, buy some frankincense, shishas, even a crate of chickens, and marvel at the snakes and witch doctors. Sampling the food is a must, as are the tanneries, which can be found by following the pungent smell through the narrow bustling alleyways. Not to be missed, the Souks are a truly unique experience. It might also be wise to consider a stag party souk treasure hunt – create a list of items to find and meet in the main square with your winnings an hour later. The loser has to kiss a camel…

Live like Kings (or Sultans) in a Riad

A Riad is a traditional Moroccan town house with an inner courtyard which shuts out the heat and noise from the streets and provides a luxurious sanctuary. Many come with a swimming pool, fruit trees roof terrace overlooking the Souks, traditionally prepared Moroccan meals on request and four poster beds. It’s the ultimate in stag party excess and we highly recommend you choose to stay in one!

Experience the real Sahara desert

No trip to Marrakech is complete without a camel ride into the Sahara desert. Make sure you go with a reputable tour guide, who will drive you as far into the desert as four wheels can take you, before clambering rather awkwardly onto a camel and venturing into the desert for a truly unique stag party experience. Only those man enough will be able to handle the bumpy ride and heat, but it’s worth it when you reach camp by dusk, and spend the evening dancing round a campfire to traditional music, eat a huge meal and sleep under the stars. Stag dos are all about male bonding after all.

Get scrubbed

After a night roughing it in the desert, another unique way to pass the time is a much-needed traditional Hammam, where you can sweat out all your toxins, wake yourself up in a cold plunge pool and be scrubbed within an inch of your life. You have to suffer to look good after all!

Eat a feast and watch belly dancers

What do stags to at night in Marrakech? The same as everyone else – descend on the main square, Jemaa el-Fnaa, and have an enormous Moroccan feast – especially the stag party staple – the kebab. The food stalls on the main square are incredible, so venture into the smoke, sit yourselves on the plastic chairs on the pavement and pile your plates high before hitting the town. Did someone say belly dancers?

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