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Top 5 Unique Hen Experiences in Marrakech

Red7 , June 11, 2013

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Morocco Marrakech Waterfall Hen Party Location
It may not be at the top of your list of hen do destinations of but Marrakech has a lot of unique experiences to offer and is only a little further away than sunny Spain. So if you’re looking for something a little special then why not immerse your hens in the sensual delights of the exotic far off (but actually quite close) destination of Marrakech. Here’s a look at what this amazing city has to offer that others don’t…

Streets and Souks

The one place you can’t miss whilst visiting Marrakech is Jamee Al Fina square in the old Medina quarter of the city. The main square in the city and continually filled to the brim with hustle and bustle of people buying and selling whilst rubbing shoulders with the world renowned storytellers, musicians and street performers of Marrakech. You can also get to many of the cities expansive souks (markets) which are edged along the square to get your haggling head on and get some bargain buys.  But the square really comes to life after the sun goes down and the masses take to the streets to  join the buzz. A great way to spend an evening as dusk falls is to take to one of the balconies on the surrounding cafes, get some delicious food, a refreshing drink and watch the world go by.

Marrakesh Grub

If your hen is a bit of a foodie then Marrakech will tick all the boxes with markets overflowing with fresh and exotic food and excellent cafes and restaurants aplenty. A great idea when visiting the city is to take a cookery class, in which a guide will take you around the markets to buy the ingredients, show you how to cook up feast of traditional tagine, couscous and mint tea and you guys get to eat all the food you make at the end. Yum.

Hammam Bath and Spa

The famous Moroccan bath houses are something truly unique to any trip to Marrakech. Originally built back in the day when houses weren’t plumbed in but cleanliness was crucial to Islamic rituals. As such, the hammams are strictly divided for men or women. For local women, going to the baths is a ritual that gives them the chance to catch up with their girlfriends and spend upwards of three hours being scrubbed down, covered in mud and their skin rubbed in oil, leaving the bath house with a particularly Moroccan glow. The whole process is designed to rid you of your dead skin and leave you invigorated whilst all the while relaxing with the girls.

Camel riding

Regardless of your affections for the camel folk, you should not pass up the chance to venture into the surrounding Sahara desert to catch a break away from the city, take in the spectacular views and go back home with a few tales about the girls and the camels. Although, it’s not advised to simply ride off into the sunset with any old camel herder (unless of course that’s your type) so make sure you get a professional to take you along for the ride or get Redseven to sort it out or you in advance.


Marrakesh is not exactly a city known for its club scene but nonetheless has plenty to offer. In fact, once you’ve had a day full of great food, shopping, camel trekking and been scrubbed down by the mistresses of the Hammam bath houses, you can finish off a spectacularly unique day by getting glammed up and hitting the classy Hiverage districts where you’ll find the chic side of Marrakech with upmarket clubs to party in like a VIP until the wee hours. Enjoy!

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