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Top 5 unique and unusual hotels around the world

Red7 , August 9, 2013

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Vegas boasts the biggest hotel in the world, whilst Dubai can claim the highest hotel prices in the world but what hotel is the most unusual and unique? Well, there’s hundreds of them all over the world, from hanging spheres in trees and renovated jumbo jets, to ice blocks and underwater pods, it’s impossible to choose, so we’ve just selected 5 that caught our interest; who knows, you may see some of them develop into alternative stag and hen weekend options soon! Watch this space…

Huttenpalast, Berlin Germany

Huttenpalast redefines camping like only Berlin can do. Instead of pitching up your camper van in the Black Forest, for instance, here you can arrive at the hotel and then pick one of their ‘in-house’ retro campers parked up inside the East Berlin building to sleep in. The beautifully renovated vans are surrounded by foliage and even a picnic table. All that’s missing is the chance of rain…

Icehotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

The icehotel. It’s well known and pretty self explanatory but nonetheless remains one of the most unique places to lay your head since Jesus rocked up in a manger. The rooms have an average temperature of between -5 to -8 and the hotel even has a licensed chapel if you feel the need to get your wedded bliss started on ice.

727 Fuselage, Costa Verde, Costa Rica

These air plane loving hoteliers have painstakingly recovered and revamped an old Boeing 727 and plonked it in the heights of the Costa Rican jungle. Perched at 50 feet above the jungle floor you can view the luscious tropical greenery of the Costa Verde national park all from the comfort of your own personal plane. However, the rows of seats have been replaced by two bedrooms, a dining room and a terrace and all finished with luxury teak furnishings.


Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada

Like no treehouse you’ve ever seen or read about in the Far Away Tree, these little spherical houses in the Vancouver treetops have been designed to be a soothing pod of energy suspended by ropes among the trees. The small rounded rooms gently sway with the movement of the trees and are deemed to be like nothing else on earth and to inspire the wilderman in all of us. All you have to do is clamber up the step that wrap around the tree stump to get to your elevated pod and then spend the rest of the day gazing at the trees, stars and all nature has to offer.

Jules Underwater Lodge, Florida, USA

If you’ve ever wanted to sleep with the fishes, in a non-threatening way, then Jules, an ex lab assistant turned hotelier has the hotel for you, but, first you’ll have to dive 21 feet to get to the front door. If you’ve never dove before then a quick 3-hour course is required just to make sure you know what you’re doing. Then, maybe after a lesson in diving and a drop down into the deep blue sea, you can experience the ocean scene from a very different perspective.

There you have it, some very amazing and unusual hotels around the world. If you’re interested in staying somewhere a little different, check out our stag weekend Barcelona where you can stay in a castle and feel like a King –

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