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Top 5 Reasons To Drink Microbrewery Beer

Red7 , July 31, 2012

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Although microbreweries have been around for hundreds of years before the times of refrigerators, they are now on the rise and are cropping up all over the world.

So what is a microbrewery? They are independent, local breweries which produce small quantities (the laws on quantities vary in different countries). Further, microbreweries produce speciality beers which are more varied than mass produced beer.

There are many reasons why drinking a beer from a microbrewery is an enjoyable experience, especially if you’re on a stag do in Munich as it’s home to some of the most renowned microbreweries in the world. Here’s some to get you started on your journey towards becoming a fan of local beer!


Due to the limited quantities of beer brewed at any one time in microbreweries, they do not need to use the process of mass production which larger breweries resort to requiring intense heat and pasteurisation in order to keep the beer fresh for longer. Instead, microbreweries give their beer time to brew at a cool temperature as well as slowly over a matter of 5 – 8 weeks, compared with industrially produced beer which is sped up to a 12 day process. So a beer brewed from a microbrewery is guaranteed to be fresh and healthier!

Variety in Flavour

Microbreweries take pride in experimenting with different flavours and each microbrewery will have a multitude of types of beer on tap. By combining differing quantities of sugar and hops or mixing different grains, they’re able to produce stronger and more varied, interesting flavours of beer.


As well as the natural process in which the beer is brewed, microbreweries use the highest quality hops and malts. Further, the quality comes from the wholly natural ingredients which are used and omission of additives and preservatives.

Supporting Local Economy

Microbreweries are independent companies, so the money you spend on beer from them will go straight back into the production of the beer from buying and maintaining the equipment they need to produce the beer, to buying the grain and ingredients locally. If you’re on a stag do in Berlin, check out “Eschenbraeu,” a top microbrewery with a pub next door where you can taste their varieties of freshly brewed beers plus, you’re likely to even be able to have a chat with the brewer.

Less of a Hangover

Last but certainly not least is the fact that due to the natural, slow process in which the beer is brewed, it’s less likely to give you as bad a hangover as industrial beer. Everything in moderation though, we’re not guaranteeing you no hangover if you drink too much of it!

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