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Top 5 Pubs in London For a Cheap Pint

Red7 , June 14, 2012

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A stag do is notoriously expensive, there’s no way around it. Even if you stay local, you’ve still got to account for the cost of the consumption of booze which, is likely to be more than your own body weight, resulting in a pretty hefty dent on the bank balance.

It seems impossible to think of London without conjuring up images of a classic olde English pub. However, if you’re trying to save money or you’re simply just tight, then London’s best kept secrets are not difficult to find and will leave you with change from a tenner.

Be savvy and suggest one or two of this selection below and you’ll be in the good books of all the guys…at least at the beginning of the night (we can’t help when it comes to the sins you may commit post pints!).

Grand Union, Camden Road, Camden Town tube

Grand Union is an independent group of pubs of which there are 11 others in London. You can grab a bottle of beer here for just £2.50. Happy hour at the Camden branch is from 5pm – 9pm; perfect hours for getting the cheap drinks in on a stag do!

The Swan, Hammersmith Broadway, Hammersmith tube

This is one for those of you who take pride in London, i.e. enjoy London Pride (see what I did there?! ahem); a pint of this will only set you back £3.05 and a pint of Doom Bar is only £2.75! The Swan is part of the Nicholson Pub chain so there’s plenty more around London to choose from too.

Princess Louise, High Holborn, Holborn tube

The beer is cheap here but the other advantage is that you get an authentic experience. The bar stands in the middle of the pub and glass walls make separate compartments around giving it a western saloon type feel. There’s plenty of Sam Smith’s chain pubs around London and they all offer cheap beer but it’s worth doing a bit of research before as some are dingy.

Cross Keys, 9 Gracechurch Street, Bank tube

At this Wetherspoons chain you can get a pint for just £2.60 for an ale like Bombardier. It’s huge too so you’re likely to get a seat if you’ve got a large group of guys on a stag party in London.

Rising Sun, Farringdon tube

When the weather is nice, you can drink outside on the cobbled passageway and enjoy a pint for around only £2. With it being another Sam Smith favourite, the spirits are also dirt cheap.

Notice the theme here? Look out for Sam Smith’s, Weatherspoons and Nicholson’s Brewery pubs; they’re dotted all around London and you’re guaranteed a cheap pint.

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