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Top 5 Hen Party Essentials

Red7 , April 25, 2012

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It can be tricky organising a hen party, especially remembering the little extras.

Here’s our top 5 most important hen party essentials to incorporate into the hen party plans and make it really special;



Hen Party Games and Dares

Whether the hen party involves going out for the night or staying in at a rented house, it’s an essential to have at least one game or dare planned to make the occasion really feel like a hen party and not just like any other get together with the girls.

The Mr & Mrs Game is ideal if you’re spending time in a house as the bride-to-be will feel special with the attention on her and further, it will provide some great entertainment as she will have to answer potentially embarrassing questions.

Hen party dares only really work if you’re out and about, as they’re much funnier when you incorporate them with tasks involving the general public!


Make sure you take photographs throughout the hen party; it provides great memories and also captures some of the funnier moments.


Even if pink cowboy hats and sashes aren’t your thing, it’s good to have something that ties you all in together to add that sense of occasion on a hen party. This could be t-shirts which you’ve had specially made, feather headbands, funky hats, bunny ears and almost anything else you want!

Gifts and Treats

A great way of making the bride-t0-be feel special is to plan in a gift or treat from the group of hens to the bride-to-be such as a piece of jewellery which she can wear on her wedding day (although, this is a but risky!) or a guest book which all the hens can write a personal message to the bride-to-be in.

Hen Party Theme 

If you have a hen party theme, this will give all the girls something to get involved in, contribute to and enable everyone to feel part of the hen weekend.

Go for a theme which links to the bride-to-be’s favourite celebrity, TV programme, band or even simply her favourite colour! It will show you’ve really thought about her.

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