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Top 5 Hen and Stag Party Films

Red7, December 15, 2011

Considering the antics and debauchery that go on during hen and stag parties, it’s not surprising there have been a fair few films based around them. There’s a few that we’re pretty glad we didn’t attend though, starting with The Hangover;

The Hangover

One of the funniest films featuring a stag weekend, there’s a ridiculous series of events that go wrong after the guys have a night out and wake up in a very damaged hotel room to find they’ve lost the groom. What follows is the stealing of a police car, adoption of a baby and finding one very angry kung-fu fighter in their car boot. Every single painfully wrong event makes for absolute hilarious viewing.


Co- written and starred in by Kristin Wiig, this film has gone down as one of the most popular films of 2011. Essentially a chick flick but with more guts and a lot more humour than the usual Rom Com, this film brilliantly and humorously plays out the trials and tribulations that arise when it comes to the relationships between women when organising a hen weekend.


Soon to be released in 2012, this film looks set to follow in the footsteps (and probably off the back of the success) of Bridesmaids. Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan star as three chosen bridesmaids to a girl they used to bully at high school and although this is about all that has been revealed so far, judging from the film title, we’re pretty sure the film will be based around a hen party! Bachelorette is produced by Will Ferrel so if it’s anything like any of the films he’s been in, we’re pretty positive we’re going to love it!

American  Wedding

An absolute classic, this hilarious film highlights the disasters that occur when a stag do isn’t planned or should we say, when it’s planned by a character like “Stifler,” an outlandish woman crazy party animal who manages to get everyone else into trouble on a constant basis. The awkwardness of the situation when the bride-to-be’s parents return home with Jim, the groom, to his parents house where Stifler has organised a stag party unbeknownst to the Jim, is priceless.


 The Bachelor Party

A retro classic, Rick Gassko played by Tom Hanks and his friends decide to organise him the wildest stag party possible with strippers, booze, a swanky hotel suite, a donkey and a belly dancer to name a few of the ingredients.  At the time it was released in 1984 it was rather controversial and although there are moments, comparing it with the likes of The Hangover, it seems rather quaint now. Quintessentially 80’s, it’s a must see even if it’s just to be amused by the datedness of it!

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