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Top 5 Cellar Bars in Krakow

Red7 , August 5, 2013

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If you haven’t been to Poland’s former Royal capital then you may not have heard of the fantastic bars on offer there, in fact, Krakow is known to have one of the highest density of bars in the world.

Amongst these delights are the medieval cellar bars, or “piwnice” as they are known in Polish and they are the hot topic in Krakow. The bars themselves are often remnants of the medieval city networks that through fire and the ever changing face of a modern city.

Since the development of Krakow beginning at the fall of the Iron Curtain they have been revamped and reworked and are now places of wonder. These bars are not for the average tourist dilly-dallying around looking for a nice drink to go with their food, but for the tough, beer drinkers with stamina. In these bars you will find the hip, young people of the city, ready for whatever comes their way for the night, steely-eyed and determined to have an amazing time. In this list you will find our top five coolest of the bunch, where beer and merriment are found in abundance;

Lodz Kaliska

This bar’s owners— an art collective hailing from Lodz— and it’s patrons are definitely of the more artistic persuasion, and they certainly like a drink. The décor is eccentric to say the least and not for the prudish. Amongst the delights here are many pictures of nude women on the walls, new and old, and it is furnished in faux-baroque armchairs and sofas throughout its cavernous seediness. A must-see if you’re looking for an original night out on your stag do in Krakow.


This is probably one of the best bars in Krakow, let alone the best cellar bar. Upstairs there is a rustic kitchen, gypsy caravan vibe going on but downstairs in the cellar is where the real magic happens. Here you will find ear bleedingly loud rock music until the small hours, great beers and a top crowd to party with. Apparently when this place was renovated there was an unexploded WW2 bomb in the cellar and this alone warrants its present explosive atmosphere!

Galeria Przyrody

This place is for the nature lovers in the group. The name translates as ‘Nature Gallery’ and inside you will find a strange selection of tropical fish in beautiful tanks, and delicious teas, but don’t worry, they also serve a great selection of Polish and Belgian beers. This labyrinthine venue will have you tripping out in no time, but don’t trip into one of the many tanks.


This bar has brazenly borrowed its name from the Soviet era shops that were prolific in Poland during communism, but it works. Inside you will find a nostalgic fairytale world of outmoded appliances, Soviet posters and all things communist lurking within its recesses. It even has a battered old army truck housing its DJ booth. Don’t worry though, the crowd here are definitely not old enough to have experienced much of the hardships and it’s a great drinking hole to enjoy with the lads.

C K Browbar

This is a classic cellar bar in the centre of Krakow. It also has the best beer available in Krakow which comes with its own royal Habsburg seal (CK Browbar means ‘The Royal Emperor’s Brewery’). It is a place to sit and chat, and if you are wanting a bit of football then it has a fine array of TV’s to watch the game on. Franz Josep himself would be proud to sit here.

There you have it – five of Krakow’s best cellar bars. Mind your head…

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