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Top 5 Beer Gardens in Berlin

Red7 , August 29, 2013

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If you think us Brits know a thing or two about a beer garden then think again because no one throws an alfresco beer banquet better than Berlin. In fact, the whole ‘beer garden’ idea originated in Germany so, as you can imagine, they do it a lot better than us.

In particular, Berlin, although famed for its raves and party culture, has masses of open-space with approximately one third of the city made up of gardens, parks, lakes and rivers. So little wonder that the ‘Biergarten’ is such a big deal in Germany’s capital and no wonder you’ll need a little help knowing which ones are the best to check out on your stag do in Berlin.


On the top of everyone’s Berlin beer garden list has to be Pratergarten and not least because it’s the oldest garden in town having opened way back in 1837. Of course, things have changed a bit since then and now you can expect to see up to 600 people sipping beers on the rows of end to end  picnic tables beneath towering chestnut trees. They also serve up their own brew of frothy Prater Pils and are helpfully located in the trendy Prenzlauerberg area of town where you can find loads of food kiosks serving up sausages and the like nearby.


Brachvogel is located alongside one of the canals in the central Kreuzberg area of Berlin and has a distinctly relaxed feel within pleasant leafy surroundings. Here you can see people catching up with a newspaper, relaxing with a beer, or having some of the houses’ tasty German and Mediterranean grub.

Fischerhütte am Schlachtensee

This little fisherman’s hut has won over a loyal crowd who can’t stay away from the stunning views, fresh home cooking, frothy ales and vintage wines. Situated on the Schlactensee Lake Fischerhütte am Schlachtensee is very popular with those looking for a slightly more sophisticated biergarten with good German food, a shaded terrace and a wealth of history that adds character to the place. But best of all, is the unspoilt lakeside scenery.


On a slightly different note, Golgatha is less classy and more party with a disco ready dance floor and karaoke taking over as the night closes in. This beer garden itself is spread across two floors with one on the rooftop and one on the ground floor.  The lower level sees both families and hipsters relaxing in deck chairs during the day and afternoon, while the upstairs space is a little less busy. Either way, Golgatha is surrounded by Kreuzberg’s leafy Victoria Park and comes with both fresh air and beer regardless of where you sit.

Café am Neuen See

Another of Berlin’s lakeside beer garden gems is Café am Neuen See which is perched on the edge of the Tiergarten Lake. This spot has a similar charm to Prater with traditional benches and chestnut trees scattered around the outdoor expanse which make the place just as popular. The addition of candle lit tables, scrumptious beers on tap and an in-demand restaurant make Café am Neuen See a very good choice for a soothing evening in Berlin.

If you love your beer then Berlin is an absolute must for a stag do. Find out more about our stag packages in Berlin here –

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