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Top 10 apps to boost your stag and hen party

Red7 , June 10, 2013

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We all know that hen and stag dos can go wrong, especially if your hens end up legless and your stags go rogue. So for all the best men and maid of honours out there, it’s time to top up your smart phones and have these apps at the ready for that extra helping hand!

1. Conversation Cards

You’ve got your fiancée’s sister and your best friend on the hen do. They have nothing in common. It’s a nightmare. Queue the ice breaker with an app that offers loads of questions you can ask others at the party such as ‘Would you rather be a ninja or a pirate?’ (an important question!) with plenty of topics to choose from and strictly no politics and religion. All at a cost of £1.49 on iTunes.

2. 101 Drinking games

An app that does what it says on the tin and provides hours of entertainment for those looking to combine their drinks with some fun games. Ideal to kick start a stag or hen party, there’s now over 250 games available to choose from and best of all it’s free to download.

3. Sunscreen

A staple of many hen and stag parties is a visit to sunny Spain for a boozy beach holiday with your best mates but with a few beers in you and the sun blazing it’s easy to forget the sunscreen. Luckily, there’s an app for that, just pop in the SPF rating of your sun cream and the app will detect the UV rating of your location and let you know when you’re due a top-up. Available free on iPhones.

4. XE Currency

If you’re travelling abroad for your trip then don’t be a mug and make sure you get the best and right rates for your dollar, pound, or euro. The app itself is rated pretty highly and constantly updated. Available on most smart phones for free.

5. WorldMate or BlackBerry travel

A stag or hen holiday abroad can be tricky to keep track of but with both these apps all you have to do is forward all your trip details (or scan them with the Blackberry app) from hotels and flights to restaurant bookings, the app pieces together an itemised itinerary of your trip, highlighting any big gaps in your plans, and keeping you updated on information like delayed flights.  Free on iPhone and Android.

6. TripAdvisor

This is a user generated content of the award winning website Trip Advisor all in a handy app format giving you the top places to visit, the best bars and clubs and what restaurants to eat in. An easy to use app with free city guides for most big cities.

7. Find my Friends

We all know it can be difficult to organise a big group of people and it’s especially hard when everyone’s had a few too many drinks and wandered off in different directions. But now you can herd your flock with the press of a button! If your mates don’t mind being tracked via the GPS on their phone, then you will be able to track where they are when they go missing. Free.

8. Instagram

The photography phenomenon that probably needs no introduction as it is already hugely popular. The app is similar to twitter except replace the words with pictures. You take a picture and the app applies a choice of faux-vintage looks and then allows you to share it with your friends, family and the world so everyone knows what a great time you’re having. Free.

9. Weather Pro

Being British, we like to know what’s going on with the weather, especially when we’ve got particular plans, be it a pub crawl, a BBQ or jetting off to sunnier climes, this app will give you the latest weather updates including hourly forecasts for two weeks ahead and ski weather information. £2.39 for the app with itunes.

10. TravelSafe Pro

Finally, and maybe this is a little pessimistic, but if your party ends up needing the emergency services in a foreign country then this app might get you out of a tricky spot with numbers for police, ambulances, fire engines and embassy details just a touch away. Hopefully you won’t need it! Available on Android  for the princely sum of £0.99.

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