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Themed Wedding: Good idea or bad?

Red7 , July 24, 2014

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What theme do you have in mind for your dream wedding? An English garden theme like Fearne Cotton? A Winter Wonderland theme with white flowers and candles? A festival wedding with live music and late night dancing? A 1950s style wedding with a cocktail hour and vintage cars? Or how about a Harry Potter with magic potions and err… a wand battle?

Yes, that one actually exists.

A couple of Harry Potter fans from Shropshire recently hit the headlines after spending £20,000 on a magical homemade Hogwarts wedding complete with tables named after Hogwarts houses, a wedding cake made to look like stacks of spell books and a handmade wand for each wedding guest.


Of course, this isn’t the first Harry Potter wedding we’ve seen. One couple even managed to pull off a Hogwarts Express ride for their guests, as well as a sorting hat to sort the guest onto their Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff tables and some amazing attention to detail. But no wand battle.




This superhero theme wedding however, might just top the list of themed weddings with the most ridiculous costumes. A couple in their 40s, from Devon, tied the knot dressed as Batman and the Amazon Princess. Guests included Yoda, Robin, Iron Man, Wolverine and The Hulk.


Perhaps the prize for geekiest theme wedding should go to this couple, who after meeting online whilst playing the game Halo, decided to tie the knot in a Halo ceremony. After the vows had been said, the words ‘Level 2’ flashed up on the big screen. Of course.


Finally, the most bizarre, adventurous, possibly life-threatening and yet incredibly romantic theme nuptials we’ve come across is the underwater wedding. The underwater wedding is actually a growing phenomenon in which the couples don snorkels to say their presumably rather bubbly vows.

Underwater Wedding


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