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The best (and most ridiculous) Kim and Kanye wedding rumours so far

Red7 , May 9, 2014

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are set to tie the knot this month. Queue the most extraordinary onslaught of rumours and celebrity gossip we’ve seen since Prince George was born or Miley Cyrus appeared naked on a wrecking ball.

This week Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to dispel rumours that the pair had already had a secret ceremony or that pictures of her dress had been released. Kim also confirmed that the wedding will not be filmed for her reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ Apparently the pair want the wedding to be an ‘intimate, private affair.’ We’ll believe that when we do (or don’t) see it.

As the wedding countdown begins, we take a look at the most bizarre and juicy gossip we’ve heard about the upcoming Kimye nuptials.

‘Did you hear Kanye is trying to persuade Kim to get married in space?’ We did doubt the chances of getting Kim into a space suit on her wedding day instead of the three designer gowns she reportedly has lined up to wear on her big day.

‘Kanye will be hiring fighter jets for the ceremony, dontcha know?’ Kanye may have to accept that he’s getting married with his feet firmly planted on the ground (at least physically speaking).

‘The wedding venue is complaining about the 1600 person guest list.’ The wedding venue is still being kept hush hush, and Kim has confirmed that the wedding guest list will be just 200 strong.

‘Kanye is trying to persuade guests to veto the Cannes Film Festival in favour of attending their wedding.’ This one may actually be true.

‘Beyoncé is going to be Kim’s bridesmaid and will perform at the wedding with Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys.’ Beyoncé reportedly refused Kim’s invitation to be bridesmaid immediately. The star-studded wedding singing won’t be happening either. Sorry, guys.

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