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Tallinn-tastic: Stags in Estonia

Red7 , July 16, 2013

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Tallinn, Estonia’s diminutive but beautiful capital, is a top choice for stag do. The nightlife is second to none, with many bars centrally situated to make a bar crawl even more relentless. There are the usual Irish bars (where isn’t there an Irish bar?), but there are also some fantastic places for those in the know.

The activities available here are in plentiful supply, and change with the seasons. As Estonia has warm summers and freezing winters, you can either go for powerful quad bike racing on the rolling green hills, or snowmobile through the tundra like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster. Add to this a bit of paintballing, or a shooting range, and you are basically James Bond reborn! Some call it the ‘Wild East’ but Tallinn has plenty of culture too and a great bohemian atmosphere.

The old town is set comfortably behind ancient medieval walls, and here you will find some amazing traditional cooking, like roast pork, potatoes and sauerkraut served with locally brewed, sensationally strong beer. Beer in Estonia is important—on a par with Belgium or Bavaria—and there are a few breweries that offer tours and tastings; visit one for a brilliant afternoon of sampling local beer when on a stag do in Tallinn. The Saku brewery, just 10 km outside of Tallinn, offers a tour and is Estonia’s oldest brewery, dating back to 1821.

There are the traditional stag weekend ventures available, such as strip clubs and lap dancers galore. But for a real treat, why not have a slap up dinner with your pals, drinking the local beer and toasting your soon-to-be-married friend, along with your own personal stripper? Sounds pretty good, eh?

However, for a downright sadistic night out, it has to be a kidnapping the stag. In Tallinn you can be bustled into a back of a prison bus, by ex-Russian soldiers, and taken to an old disused prison. It can be either the stag on his own (very harsh but incredibly funny) or the whole group, who will then be intimidated—don’t worry it doesn’t become physical—and then released. What a rush! After all the fear the beers and the women will seem a whole lot better.

The nightlife in Tallinn is great, and for such a small city it seems unbelievable. There are big name DJ’s, live music, and an eclectic mix of like minded party people. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, people in Tallinn have been all about catching up with the party atmosphere of modern Europe and it shows. The music here is a strange mixture of dance, rock and electro alongside traditional folk music. Whilst in Tallinn do not miss Valli Baar, a traditional bohemian hangout, complete with old folk singers drinking neat vodka at the bar, and where they serve the lethal millimallikas, which is tequila, sambuca and tabasco sauce. Fiery!

Tallinn: Stag heaven.

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