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How to survive Dry January!

Red7 Blogs , January 4, 2017

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It’s that time of year again. You’ve survived Christmas lunch after Christmas lunch, breakfast-time buck’s fizz followed by over indulgent turkey sandwiches washed down with beer, not to mention the obligatory mulled wine. Chances are you’re either longing for a much-needed detox or plan on drinking your way through a dark and chilly January. If it’s the former, then you’re probably amongst the ranks of recovering holiday addicts starting the new year with Dry January.

January can feel like an awfully long month – it’s cold, wet, dark and booze free for many of us launching ourselves into a month-long detox. If you’re steering clear of the weekly drinking sesh, we’ve got some great ideas to get you through the month without drinking – especially if you’re heading to a hen weekend or stag do sober.

You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have without gulping down some Dutch courage. So, if you are going to be giving up the booze for the next 27 days we suggest using this month to step outside your comfort zone and experience a world beyond the 3am kebab.

Our Red7 travel Gurus know exactly how to create and plan some amazing experiences, and we have some of the best alternatives to try out if you’ll be sober this January. Here are our top tips for enjoying your Dry Jan:

Dry January for Groups 2 Celebration

Buddy up!     

Anyone who’s ever headed out sober before will agree that the worst part is being the only person not swinging their shirt above their head or toasting a drink to life-long friendship with someone they’ve just met. So don’t go it alone this January. Find a friend who’s also avoiding alcohol and use each other for encouragement and support.

Don’t stop drinking everything

Taking time off the tipple can give you the chance to try some nicer drinks. Mocktails are a great way to enjoy an exotic drink without the head-bangingly painful side effects of one too many Cosmopolitans. You could even disguise a soda water and slice of lime for a G&T – nobody will know the difference!

Think of all the money you’re saving

Nothing says value like spending £8 on a double-spirit-mixer, to have 70% of it spilt down your shirt on the dancefloor, right? You’d be surprised how much money you could save by simply cutting out the booze for a month. Use the extra cash to fuel other activities on your stag or hen night out and make your money go further.

Get ready to gloat the morning after

If a hangover alone isn’t enough to make you contemplate taking a month off, then maybe seeing your friend’s dealing with one while you’re feeling right as rain is. No headache and no regrets; just sit back and enjoy everyone else’s suffering. After all, one man’s pain is another man’s pleasure…

Just because you’re not drinking, doesn’t mean you have to drive

You don’t have to drink alcohol to let your hair down and unwind. Often people who aren’t drinking are pressured into being the chauffer for the evening – don’t let this happen to you! Still take that taxi and have a great night without the responsibility.

The best activities for all the fun without the hangover

Dry January for Groups 3 Spa Activity

Experience more!

Taking part in Dry January doesn’t mean you have to go to typical drinking events and not drink. There are plenty of fantastic activities out there that don’t require alcohol to bring on the fun and laughs. For the girls, how about relaxing at a group spa day, and receiving some well-earned pampering. Or maybe a makeover will paint a smile on your face? For the guys, why not swap the pub for the pitch with a stadium tour, where the atmosphere will speak for itself  (even without the beers).

Intoxicating fun without the shots

Don’t rely on alcohol for a buzz on your next group get-together.  Get your heart racing and blood pumping with an adrenalin boosting activity. Extreme sports are guaranteed to give you a rush that booze could never match. Test your nerves with a circuit of blind driving, or dive into a coasteering session. The tingle of a glass of wine is nothing compared to the adrenaline rush of these awesome activities.

Dry January for Groups 4 Pizza Making

Tastier alternatives to alcohol

Why not simply replace the hard stuff with some tasty food and drink? Take the group on a pizza making course for a fun, creative and delicious alternative to sampling tequila shots. Or if you prefer something sweeter, how about getting your hands dirty on a chocolate making course. It’s certainly more interesting than your standard night out, and let’s face it, a much more appetising option than necking pints. So you can indulge yourself on your sten do without the pounding headache and even more painful regret of alcohol.

We’re in this together

Are you planning on braving a Dry January? Maybe you’ve been on a sober Stag or Hen do before and can give us some extra tips? Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook @Red7 and let’s face this together!

For more great ideas on how to make your hen or stag weekend soberingly amazing, get in touch with our Group Travel Gurus. Discover the activities you’d never considered before and let us design the perfect bespoke group getaway for you and your crew.


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