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Step up to the barre: why we can’t get enough of ballet-inspired fitness

Red7 , March 13, 2014

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British summer time is here! Well sort of, but there’s no harm in getting excited about lazy Sundays in the park, Pimms in the beer gardens or that big summer holiday now the sun is finally peeping out to warm our cockles.

Once again, it’s time to start thinking about those bikini bodies, and ballet inspired classes are the perfect way to get those limbs toned and defined in preparation for summer.

Dancers bodies are coveted by women the world over for their long, lean, limbs and strong, sculpted, abs. Thanks to the rise in ballet-inspired barre classes, us normal folk can reap the benefits of plies and eleves too. Instructors guide clients through a series of ballet-inspired moves in gentle yet challenging classes which reduce body fat, target smaller muscles to sculpt and define, and raise your centre of gravity to make the body appear poised and longer.

Barre classes have developed a growing cult following since the success of the 2010 ballet film, Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman, who endured months of training in preparation for her role.

We’ve picked out a few barre classes across the UK to help you fall as head over heels with the barre fitness craze as much as we are.

Barre Core, Chelsea and Mayfair, London

A huge range of barre and ballet-inspired fitness classes including barrecore foundations for basic techniques and posture, barrebands, which uses resistance bands to get those muscles shaking, barre bootcamp, which features high intensity interval training, and barredance, which uses cardio and choreographed dance moves.

Move Your Frame, Shoreditch and Queens Park, London

Move Your Frame offers a range of dance classes from tap and jazz to Beyoncé inspired dance routines. Their barre classes include Frame method, using strengthening and stretching isometric moves on the barre and mat to achieve results quickly with lots of shaking and sweating, and a full ballet class for more advanced dancers with a full routine and jumps.

KNT Danceworks, Manchester

KNT Danceworks in Manchester offers adult ballet classes from beginners to advanced and even a point work class for dedicated barre followers. These are real ballet classes with no fitness fusions, but still get the same results very quickly.

The Barre, Newcastle

Uses dance training moves with light resistance or body weight moves and targets key problem areas in a fun yet gruelling 60 minute workout to achieve the ultimate dancer look.





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