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Stags Uncovered – Rob and the boys hit Bristol

Red7 , August 24, 2011

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With its recent rejuvenation, Bristol is fast becoming one of the top cities to visit in the UK. Home to Banksy, the city is a benchmark for new and innovative ideas in the way of art, music, food and culture making it unbeatable for a stag weekend.

We caught up with Rob after his friend Matt’s Bristol stag weekend to see what him and the guys got up to…

How long did you go for?

We went to Bristol for a day/nighter.  Activities during the day and drinking at night.

What did you get up to?

19 of us met up at the activity place in Bristol.  We dressed the stag in his first outfit (skirt, tights, wig and a Liverpool top as he’s a massive Man Utd fan).  We then did Rage Buggies and Clay Pigeon Shooting both of which were excellent.  Following that we dressed the stag in his second outfit (blue morph suit, supergirl knickers and another wig) and made our way to the hotel.  We dumped the bags and went straight to the pub on site for a few beers and the first of the stags ‘challenges’.  After a few we got suited for the night and headed in to Bristol.  We started at Vodka Revs which was included in the overall cost where we had the obligatory shots and ended up at Oceana.  At the end of the night we met up with a hen party at our hotel and carried on the party till late.  The stag was the last man standing (great effort) and he finally collapsed at 4.30.

What was the funniest story from the weekend?

Either the stag’s cousin yakking in the taxi but pretending to the taxi driver he was eating a kebab, the stag dressed up or the stag doing a ‘Harold Bishop’ impression to a group of girls as one of his challenges.

Did you play any pranks on the stag?

2 outfits and a series of challenges, one of which he had to ask a girl for a condom as ‘he’d met a cracking looking bloke’.  Those words had to be used.  He also had to serenade a girl and for some reason chose ‘Martine Mcutcheon’s ‘Perfect Moment’ and get his ar5e signed.

What is the most memorable part of the weekend?

Too many to list.  Activities were great fun and not too short or too long.  The hotel was excellent about stag/hen groups.  Bristol was a great place to go drinking.  Finally, the stag took everything in good humour and we had a cracking bunch of lads.

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