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Stag Party Activities

Rob Reaks , February 5, 2020

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Looking for Stag Party Activities and inspiration? Red7 have tons of tried and tested stag party activities to choose from, for great prices. Give the team a call or browse the website and create your perfect stag party – UK and overseas.

Call 01273 872200 or build an itinerary HERE.

Here are twenty of our favourite Stag Party Activities, we hope you’re inspired by our list!

4×4 off road adventure

There’s no need to sit around getting bored as you wait for your stag night to start. If you and the lads are prepared to accept the ultimate driving challenge and pit yourselves against unforgiving terrain with mud and water added to the mix, then let’s put you and the lads behind the wheel of a powerful 4×4 and see what you’re made of.

Stag Party Activities

Bubble football

There’s a fantastic new craze that’s been taking Europe by storm – and for good reason. It’s a challenge, it’s hilarious and anyone can play, and it’s perfect for a group of lads on a stag do. It’s called Bubble Football. You’ve probably heard of it, in which case you’ll know that you’ve got to give it a go. But if it’s new to you, then here’s your chance to get up with the times and find out what all the fuss is about.

As soon as you arrive at the venue, you’ll realise that this is football like you’ve never played it before. The first thing you’ll notice is the kit – an other-worldly clear plastic inflatable bubble that covers everything but your legs, leaving you looking like a walking lollipop. But that bubble, also known as a Zorb, is what gives the game its name and what makes it so much fun, as you’ll soon find out.

Stag Party Activities


It used to be that every young lad would make himself a bow and arrow and play Robin Hood or a Native American. Nowadays, they’re more likely to be occupied with computers or video games but archery is still alive and well and makes a great addition to a stag do celebration. And don’t be put off by the Hollywood depiction of archers as skinny, weakling types – way back in the Middle Ages bows needed a pull of up to 100 lbs so the guys had to be pretty strong.

Stag Party Activities

Cruises and boat parties

If you’re having your stag do anywhere near the water then you just have to include a cruise somewhere in your plans. And we’ve got a great selection of cruise ideas, depending on your location.

Take for example a daytime cruise on the Med with the sun high in the sky and refreshing drinks on hand as you sail past awesome rocky outcrops to a sandy beach for a picnic lunch and a dip in the sea. Sound a bit tame? In that case why not join in a booze cruise or get aboard a party boat where the name of the game is action and fun all the way with other like minded people, usually including girl groups, all out for a good time.

Stag Party Activities

Stag Party Activities – Coasteering

You may not have heard of coasteering but this is one activity you have to include in your stag do plans if you want an exciting challenge and loads of fun along the way.

On your coasteering experience you’ll get to travel along the inter-tidal zone, encountering rock formations and cliffs along the way, not to mention the sea as it collides with the land. And with no boats it’s up to you to swim, scramble and climb your way along. There’ll be caves to explore and fascinating sea life to observe – you may even get to see seals as they come to shore. And you’ll get to leap off cliffs and frolic in the surf.

Stag Party Activities

Beer Bikes

If you and the lads fancy a short tour of the city but don’t want to waste valuable drinking time then a beer bike is the perfect solution. You get to see some of the sights and enjoy a nice cool beer at the same time.

Of course, beer bikes are no ordinary bikes. They are specially made so that that the riders (usually 16 or 17) sit around a central bar with a canopy to provide shade and music to entertain you. You might want to draw straws to see who gets to pedal but with 10 sharing the work at the same time it’s not exactly onerous and a share in the beer softens the blow.

red seven Stag Party Activities

Go karting

There’s nothing like a bit of adrenaline-pumping fun to get yourself charged up for a great stag do night out and go-karting is the perfect activity for the job. It’s a thrill as minute as you race round the track, fighting to get the best racing line and battling to get to be the first past the chequered flag.

One of our top-sellers, a go kart session for your stag do weekend is popular for good reason. Of course, you can’t just get in the kart and go. There’s a safety briefing and gear to collect before you get behind the wheel and the action starts. You’ll do some practice laps to familiarise yourself with the kart and the track and then you’ll be lining up, mate against mate, as you vie to see who comes out as king of the track.

red7 Stag Party Activities

Stag Party Activities – Lap Dance clubs

In the modern age, lap dance clubs and stag parties virtually go hand in hand as the lads take the stag for a wild night on the town before married life takes over. So if you don’t include one in the stag do planning for your mate you’ll be doing him a grave disservice.

Your stag party night lap dancing experience will be one to remember as you feast your eyes on the delectable beauties beguiling you with their provocative moves and seductive looks. They’ll lure you into conversation and tease as they try to part you from your money, not that you’ll really worry about that on a stag night. It’s fun for the lads but why not spice things up a little more for the stag by treating him to a private dance; after all, it will be his last chance for this sort of entertainment before he ties the knot. The ‘must do’ stag do activity, just don’t tell the missus-to-be! 

red seven Stag Party Activities

Gun ranges and shooting

There’s just something about guys and guns so a trip to range on your stag do weekend will provide welcome excitement for the lads. British ranges are restricted by our stringent gun laws but if you are partying in Eastern Europe you are in for a real thrill.

Over in Eastern Europe, you’ll get to fire some of the most powerful guns around. There’ll be revolvers and automatic pistols and, possibly everybody’s favourite, you’ll have the opportunity to fire off a few rounds from the notorious Kalashnikov AK47 assault rifle – no chance of that here in Britain. Here’s your chance to test your marksmanship with a variety of weapons that is too good to miss.

Stag Party Activities

Stag Party Activities – Footgolf

Get a group of guys together on a stag do weekend and thoughts usually turn to drinking, football and golf, among other things. Now, you can nip in the bud any arguments about whether golf or football should be included in your plans by having a round of foot golf, the latest craze to sweep Europe. Combining elements of football and golf, foot golf is a great, fun way to spend a little down time with the lads; it’s relaxing, competitive and loads of laughs – and with no need for special equipment and no need to be super fit to play, everyone can join in. 

Stag Party Activities

Jet Skiing

If you’re at the beach chilling out on you’re stag do and need some excitement to liven up the day, jet skiing has got to be the way to go. Like a motorbike on the water, these wee beasties are a thrill a minute as they power over the surface at ridiculously high speeds. As water sports go, jet skiing is up there with the best.

Stag Party Activities


When you and the lads are looking for an intense, action-packed day to add to your stag do plans, that old favourite paintball has to come top of the list. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping faster than the competition to see who comes out top dog as you face themed challenges as a team or hunt each other down in demanding and unfamiliar territory.

Paintball is a thrill a minute experience that allows no time to relax if you want to ‘survive’. You’ll be asking yourself questions you’ve never asked before and there’ll be times when you want to give up, but there’ll be something inside urging you on.

Stag Party Activities

Stag Party Activities – Quad Biking

Don’t wait till the evening to get your stag does underway. Get yourselves warmed up first with an afternoon of quad biking to get the heart pumping and the juices flowing.  These machines are awesome all-terrain vehicles and heaps of fun to drive around muddy, pitted tracks as you fight to stay on course.

White Water Rafting

You’d have to go a long way to go to find a stag do weekend activity that will give you a greater adrenaline rush than white water rafting. A raft tossing about on a raging river throwing you hither and thither as you try to steer it safely past the rocks. Here’s a challenge that you can’t pass up if you and lads are on the hunt for thrills to include in your stag party celebrations.

Beach Clubs

Stag party celebrations don’t have to be just about getting down and dirty with partying on the town. Why not include a bit of sophistication and join the ‘in crowd’ with a day at a beach club?

This is your chance to feel like celebrities for the day as you relax by the pool on your reserved sun loungers with a cooling drink in your hand. Soak up the sun and relax and watch the girls go by as you take time out from frenetic partying. Take a refreshing dip in the pool to cool off when the temperature rises too high and maybe show off your diving skills to impress whoever might be watching.


When’s a stag do not a stag do? When it doesn’t include a stripper, that’s when, so make sure you include one in your plans. Nothing says stag do more than a well-shaped stripper peeling off her outfit while the lads egg her on, so that’s what we have for you.

The best thing is that you won’t have to find strip club. We’ll bring the stripper to you no matter where you are (check with the management first though because there are still a few places stuffy enough to object) and you’ll have your own private show. You’ll be teased and taunted and treated to a naughty display of female exhibitionism; but it’s all in fun and you and the lads will have a laugh. And, as the stag enjoys his last few hours of freedom, he’ll be left with a memory of the delights he’s giving up for married life.

Mud Buggies

For thrills and spills on your stag do, mud buggies are hard to beat. Here’s a great opportunity to get the lads together for some fast and furious excitement before you head out on the town for the serious business of stag do partying.

Mud buggies will give you all an unforgettable experience during your stag do weekend and are surely a can’t miss out part of the pre-nuptial celebrations. Here’s an idea of what you can expect when you get down and dirty with one of these little monsters.

Traveling activity, Off road buggy on country road in rainy day

Guided Bar Crawls

No matter where you are in the world could there be any more traditional aspect of a stag night than a bar crawl? Probably not, which is why you have to include one in your celebrations. But if you and your mates are in unfamiliar surroundings you may have trouble finding the best bars and here’s where we can help – with a local guide who knows all the top venues.

Casino night

A stag party celebration is your chance to do something a little out of the ordinary; maybe something you’d not normally consider. And a trip to a casino certainly falls into this category. But nothing beats it for fun and tense excitement as winning or losing depends on the turn of a card or roll of the dice.

Stag Party Activities – Clubbing

When the night is drawing on but you and the lads are still up for more, you’ll be wanting to make a beeline to the best nightclub around so that you can continue partying till the early hours. And, after all, a stag do night that doesn’t include a nightclub just doesn’t seem right. We know all the best nightclubs in all the best cities so you know we’ll see you right.

With priority entry to a top club, you’ll be able to get on with the business of enjoying yourselves on your stag party night without having to queue at the door in the chilly night air. You can be sure of a great drinks selection at the bar and great music to get your feet tapping. With a club full of party goers, the club will be buzzing, just the place to round off an epic stag do night that will go down in legend as one of the greats.

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red 7 hen party and stag do organisers

If you need our help, we’e here for you! We’ve been planning stag parties in the UK and abroad for three decades; tried and tested stag party ideas and group-friendly, centrally located accommodation and large, luxury villas and party houses. We’re ABTA-Bonded for your protection and our customers rate us EXCELLENT on Trust Pilot; so, what are you waiting for?! Red7, your new best mate. 01273 872200

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