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Stag Party Do’s and Don’ts

Red7 , June 26, 2012

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As the stag do organiser, you’ve got a big responsibility in your hands when it comes to the smooth running of the weekend as well as making it an amazing weekend to remember…no pressure then.

Fear not; follow these do’s and don’ts below and you’ll smash it!

Do Plan Ahead

Why plan a night out with the boys? Surely it’s just a matter of choosing a city, turning up to see what’s going on and then going out for the night? You think wrong my friend. A usual night out with the guys is likely to be around 5 of you. A night out for a stag do is usually between 10 – 25 of you. Try getting into a hotel, finding a paintball site and getting into a club with that many inebriated fella’s! Planning and booking ahead is essential; just give us a call.

Do Eat Something

Eating is not cheating. Eating before drinking will mean that instead of finding yourself hugging the toilet seat at 4am, you might be lucky enough to be hugging a fair lady (not if you’re the groom though of course!). OK, the latter may be unlikely given the quantities you’ll be drinking but not eating before a heavy drinking session will mean you will be more of a lightweight, which isn’t a good look in front of a group of your mates. Plus, you’ll inevitably end up being sick along with an even more horrendous hangover the next day.

Do get a Taxi Home

Fair do’s, you might not know what time you’re going to be ready to turn in for the night but at least have some rough plan on getting back to your accommodation.  Leaving by foot is a bad move unless your digs are literally next door, which is unlikely. The scenario will be that you and the guys will end up wandering around the streets for hours trying to find the hotel; not a great way to end a hopefully awesome night, especially on a stag party abroad.

Don’t Go OTT with the Stag Do Prank

Of course, a stag do prank is funny and we say pretty much essential however, know the limits. A prank might be funny for the majority of you but ultimately, you’re all there for the groom, so at least throw in some relief and don’t do anything which will permanently hurt or scar him (physically or mentally!).

Don’t Drink in the Daytime

Saving the booze for the evening might seem like a hard task, especially where there’s a group of 20 revved up lads involved but everyone will appreciate it once the evening arrives and they’re not in bed at 8pm missing out on the main night! Organise an activity for the daytime such as quad biking or paintballing; it will keep the guys off the booze and make the weekend much more memorable.

Don’t Forget Etiquette

Whether you’re on a stag weekend in Prague or staying in the UK, you need to remember that social etiquette and cultural protocol still apply. It’s easy to feel comfortable and forget where you are when you’re in the company and security of your best mates but don’t make things harder for yourself, i.e. arguing with the bouncers is only going to end in tears; your tears!

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